Date: 2/10/2023 2:21:18 AM

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NIIGATA 6LMG16X SPEARS PARTS any parts wanted me for example liner piston all assries of cylinder head and other parts

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2/7/2024 5:57:59 PM United States

Dear sir,

Good evening.

I m looking for niigata 6mg16xc parts.

Could you give me list of your stock?? 



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What is NIIGATA 6LMG16X ?

The Niigata 6LMG16X is a marine diesel engine manufactured by Niigata Power Systems. It is a medium-speed engine that is widely used in the maritime industry for propulsion and power generation purposes.

The 6LMG16X is part of Niigata's 6L-series engine lineup, which is known for its high efficiency, low emissions, and low operating costs. The engine features a compact design and is known for its reliability and durability, making it a popular choice for ship owners and operators.

The 6LMG16X has a maximum continuous output of 16,000 kW and is commonly used in a variety of vessels, including large container ships, bulk carriers, and tanker vessels. The engine is designed to meet the latest international environmental regulations, including IMO Tier III emission standards.

Overall, the Niigata 6LMG16X is a well-respected and widely used marine diesel engine that is known for its high performance, efficiency, and reliability.

Where can we use NIIGATA 6LMG16X ?

The Niigata 6LMG16X marine diesel engine can be used in a variety of vessels, including:

  1. Container ships: The 6LMG16X is commonly used in large container ships to provide propulsion power.

  2. Bulk carriers: The engine is also used in bulk carriers to drive the ship's propellers and provide power for other systems on board.

  3. Tanker vessels: The engine's high power output and compact design make it suitable for use in tanker vessels, where space is often limited.

  4. Ferry boats: The 6LMG16X can also be used in ferry boats and other passenger vessels to provide propulsion and auxiliary power.

  5. Offshore support vessels: The engine's reliability and durability make it suitable for use in offshore support vessels, where dependable power is critical.

In addition to its use in the maritime industry, the Niigata 6LMG16X can also be used in land-based power generation applications, such as in power plants or as backup power for industrial facilities.

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