Subject: Niigata Model: 6MG25BX Spare Parts Wanted

Date: 09.04.2013 01:20:10

Details: Reviews 3


Hi Sales


We have a customer asking us on prices on following ithems.



Model: 6MG25BX

s/n 15775



12.pcs   Exhaust valve                                    830 320 300         3231-1

12.pcs   Intake valve                                       830 320 300         3231-2

24.pcs   Valve guide                                        830 321 230         3231-3

12.pcs   Seat ring exhaust                             930 321 010         3231-4

12.pcs   Seat ring Intake                                930 321 010         3231-5

Best regards


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Kenneth Salen
3/31/2024 4:00:57 PM Philippines



I am currently in japan but i will use the engine in philippines. 

Add me on whatsapp for better communication


md. abu chhaleh
26.04.2013 06:35:10 bangladesh

Dear sir We have NIGATA 6MG 25BX Complete engine std. I you interstate to buy the engine? pls contact us.

Rashmikant Shah
10.04.2013 06:41:54 India

Sir, We have all the parts available with us. The price are as under. 1) Valves US$ 135.00 Each 2) Valve guide US$70.00 Each 3) Valve seat US$ 50.00 Each. Please mail us for more details and photos.


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