Subject: Niigata Z-Peller Model: ZP-3A Propulsion Unit Spare Parts

Date: 3/8/2023 12:32:48 PM

Details: Reviews 3

Good Day,

Please can you send us a quote for the following – Item 6 highlighted yellow below:-


ZPeller Seals and O-rings as per the attached spec. below.


Make: Niigata Z-Peller propulsion unit

Model: ZP-3A

1 Remove and replace after bluing port and starboard propeller 4
2 Allow for welding of port and starboard kort nozzle wear rings. Budget for 9 hours 2
3 Clean and Polish propeller 2
4 Allow machining of seal liners 2
5 Propeller shaft and key ways to be crack tested for South African Maritime Safety Authority) SAMSA survey 4
6 Renew Prop seals and O-rings (Service Provider to supply, TNPA to supply specifications) – before commencement of works 4


Note: Pricing is required urgently on or before 10/03/2023.


Many Thanks & Kind Regards

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3/28/2024 2:20:38 PM Qatar

Model : 41A  Zpeller complete unit require.

Serial number:  P3045

julio Acosta acosta
3/22/2024 6:05:15 AM United States

Looking for parts for Niigata ZP3-A

Gino Micarelli
3/22/2024 12:09:13 AM Venezuela

We have a tugboat that has scheduled maintenance in Dry Dock and at the same time we are looking for a parts and service supplier to replace the azimuthal seals. They are Z Peller model ZP-3A.


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What is Niigata Z-Peller Model: ZP-3A Propulsion Unit ?

The Niigata Z-Peller Model ZP-3A Propulsion Unit is a type of azimuth thruster manufactured by the Niigata Power Systems Company, a subsidiary of the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Group.

The ZP-3A propulsion unit is designed for use in various types of vessels, including offshore support vessels, tugs, ferries, and passenger ships. It consists of an electric motor that drives a vertical shaft, which is connected to a set of propellers that can rotate 360 degrees around a vertical axis.

The ZP-3A propulsion unit has several features that make it attractive for use in ships. For example, it provides excellent maneuverability and can be used for dynamic positioning. It is also designed to be highly efficient, providing high thrust at low speeds, which can be important in certain operations.

In addition, the ZP-3A propulsion unit is designed to be easy to maintain and service. It includes a number of features that make it easy to access and inspect, and it is designed with a modular construction that allows for easy replacement of individual components.

Overall, the Niigata Z-Peller Model ZP-3A Propulsion Unit is a reliable and efficient azimuth thruster that is widely used in the marine industry.



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