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NMF marine crane parts are available worldwide. NMF crane parts are shipped worldwide for both new NMF crane models and older NMF crane types.

NMF crane parts are available including hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors, NMF winch parts, hydraulic hoses, gearbox parts, slew gears, wire ropes, hook blocks, sheaves, bolts, cable, hydraulic components, limit switches, relays, joysticks, control devices, potentiometers, monoblocks, gearpumps, pressure switches, accumulators, grab parts, slewrings, sliprings, electronic parts, cylinders, rams and many other NMF crane parts.

NMF cranes engineers are also available for NMF cranes worldwide. NMF crane troubleshooting, repairs, maintenance, dry docking’s, overload testing, quadrennial testing, inspections and all other aspects of NMF crane repair.

 Some of the NMF crane, and deck crane that crane parts are available for are listed below:

NMF DK35024, DKII Heavy, DK35028, DKII 35027, NMF DKIII, DKIII 450, PKL, DKV, DK II and all other types of NMF crane. provides engineers for all types of NMF cranes, including NMF gantry ship cranes, NMF marine cranes and NMF hose handling cranes. Engineers are available worldwide to work on NMF cranes.

Pumps and motors

NMF crane hydraulic pumps and NMF hydraulic motors:

A4V125EL, A4V90EL, MK64, MB84 and many other types of NMF crane hydraulic units.

NMF crane hydraulic pumps and motors are available for sale or they can be refurbished and supplied under our service exchange program that seeks to keep older style, hard to find NMF crane hydraulic units in circulation.

NMF crane gearbox and NMF winch repairs:

NMF crane gearbox repairs and NMF crane winch repairs are available through our specialized workshops. We can provide excellent cost savings and improve the efficiency of your NMF ship cranes and NMF ship cranes and ensure continued crane operation.

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Yevgeniy Lukyanov
8/5/2022 10:25:50 AM Germany

Please contact with me ASAP. I am looking Spare Parts for NMF cranes URGENTLY! 


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