offer MTU engine parts (396/956/1163/2000/4000/1600/1800/493/538/652/331)

Subject: offer MTU engine parts (396/956/1163/2000/4000/1600/1800/493/538/652/331)

Date: 6/17/2023 8:21:32 AM

Details: Reviews 7

We are special in diesel engine , MTU engine machine Division I can offer widely used, navy, marine, generator sets, diesel power plants, mining equipment, defense construction, the current machine range can provide are:
MTU 396 series, MTU8V396, MTU12V396, MTU16V396.

MTU956 / 1163 Series: MTU12V956 / 1163, MTU16V956 / 1163, MTU20V956 / 1163
MTU 2000 series, MTU 8V2000, MTU 10V2000, MTU 12V2000, MTU 16V2000,
MTU 4000 series. MTU 8V4000, MTU 12V4000, MTU 16V4000, MTU 20V4000
MTU 1600 series. MTU6R1609, MTU8V1600, MTU10V1600, MTU12V1600
MTU 1800 series, MTU6H1800

MTU models currently member may be provided as follows:
MTU099, MTU183, MTU199, MTU331 / 396, MTU493, MTU538, MTU595, MTU652,
MTU956 / 1163, MTU1000, MTU1300, MTU1500, MTU1600, MTU1800, MTU2000,
MTU4000, MTU8000
DETROIT = MTU / DDC two-stroke S60, 53 Series, 71 Series, 92 Series, 149 Series,
These parts contain crankshaft, cylinder block, cylinder head, camshaft, pistons, piston rings, piston pins, cylinder liners, valves, valve seats, valve guides and overhaul a variety of gaskets and O-rings, etc. Suitable overhaul and the repair (W4, W5, W6).

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5/10/2024 2:34:08 PM Iran, Islamic Republic of

Hi dear 

im looking for 2 sets marine engin mtu 12v 1163 bt93 with gearbox. 
can you help me?

2/7/2024 5:57:00 PM Spain

We are interested for buying 20 cylinder liners for 20V 538 Tb91 engine.

What would be price and the shortest delivery time?

Thank yoy very much in advance.

Best Regards

gaurav giri
1/2/2024 9:08:22 PM India

We have  mtu 12v2000 , 16v2000, 12v4000 ,16v4000 complete   engine exstock  in  Mumbai india ????  for sale 


Gaurav Giri 

WhatsApp no +918928660151

10/30/2023 7:02:25 AM India

We have 2 set of 16v4000m90 marine engine 


Simon Dong
10/23/2023 4:44:28 PM China

send us part list you need

T. M. Sebastian
10/23/2023 4:09:48 PM India

Please advice availability of 1 unit MTU 16V4000M90 Marine Diesel Engine. 



T. M. Sebastian 

Nikos Mentonis
8/16/2023 3:22:31 PM Greece

Hello I am interested for spare parts for mtu 493 .if you have avaliable pls contact .thanks in advance 


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