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Date: 5/26/2022 9:33:39 AM

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What causes the deterioration of oil ?

1.There are two forms of water and gas in oil — DISSOLVED WATER AND GAS(below saturation point) mostly exist in oil systems, while free water and gas (above saturation point) exist in oils.

2.Due to system leakage, lax sealing, oil under long-term heat load, and open storage, finally the moisture and gas in the air settle in the oil, the oil contains with water and gas.

3.Due to the entrance of particles and dust in the air leakage of the system, the falling off of the system abrasion dust, long-term operation of the oil under high temperature and water content will inevitably lead to the decomposition of part of the oil and the separation of gelatinous substances.

By Using The ASSEN Hydraulic Oil Purifier Machine You Will Benefit By The Following:

Extended Lubricating Oil Life

Reduce friction and save energy


Less Equipment Maintenance

Economic benefits from increased production efficiency


Reduced Machine Downtime

Prevent losses due to downtime


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