Subject: Parts for MAN-Pielstick 18PV4-2B Engine

Date: 4/2/2023 5:49:26 PM

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Following parts are available in our stock for MAN 18PC4-2B engine. All parts are new and 100% genuine.

Main Bearings                      10 Sets

Big end bearings (STD)     90 sets

Big end bearing (OS 1MM) 8 Sets

Valve seats inlet                   15

Valve inserts Exhaust          22

Camshaft bearing               14

Screw valve cage                 12

Spring collar                           5

Inlet guide assembly            05

Valve body                             02

Fue rack                                  02

Control sleeve                       02

Valve guide inlet                   15

Piston ring set                        22

Axial bearing                         30

Delivery head                         05

and many other parts are available for this engine.






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What is MAN Pielstick 18PC4-2B Diesel Engine ?

The MAN Pielstick 18PC4-2B diesel engine is a large, high-performance diesel engine produced by MAN Energy Solutions, a German company with a long history in the marine and power generation industries. The Pielstick brand, acquired by MAN, is known for its powerful and reliable engines used in various applications, including marine propulsion and land-based power generation.

Key features and specifications of the MAN Pielstick 18PC4-2B diesel engine may include:

  1. Configuration: The engine has 18 cylinders arranged in a V-configuration, offering a balance between power output and compactness.

  2. High-performance: The 18PC4-2B is designed for high power output and efficiency, making it suitable for demanding applications such as large vessels or power plants.

  3. Fuel Flexibility: The MAN Pielstick 18PC4-2B engine is capable of running on a variety of fuels, including heavy fuel oil (HFO), light fuel oil (LFO), and marine diesel oil (MDO), offering flexibility in fuel choice and cost optimization.

  4. Reliability and Durability: The Pielstick engine series is known for its robust design and high-quality components, ensuring reliable operation and a long service life.

  5. Applications: The MAN Pielstick 18PC4-2B diesel engine is suitable for various applications, including marine propulsion for large vessels such as cargo ships and ferries, as well as land-based power generation for power plants or industrial facilities.

  6. Emission Compliance: MAN Energy Solutions is committed to developing engines that meet increasingly stringent emission regulations, making the Pielstick 18PC4-2B engine suitable for use in regions with strict emission standards.

In summary, the MAN Pielstick 18PC4-2B diesel engine is a high-performance, versatile, and reliable engine suitable for various demanding applications, including marine propulsion and power generation. Its fuel flexibility, robust design, and emission compliance make it an attractive choice for operators seeking a powerful and efficient solution.

Where can we find MAN Pielstick 18PC4-2B Diesel Engine Spare Parts ?

To find spare parts for the MAN Pielstick 18PC4-2B diesel engine, you can consider the following options:

  1. MAN Energy Solutions: As the manufacturer of the MAN Pielstick engines, MAN Energy Solutions should be your first point of contact for genuine spare parts. You can visit their website or contact their local representative to inquire about the availability of spare parts for the 18PC4-2B engine.


  1. Authorized dealers and distributors: MAN Energy Solutions has a global network of authorized dealers and distributors that can provide genuine spare parts for their engines. You can find a dealer or distributor near you by visiting the MAN Energy Solutions website and using their "Sales & Service Locator" tool.

  2. Online platforms and marketplaces: Several online platforms and marketplaces specialize in selling spare parts for marine and industrial engines. Websites like Alibaba, eBay, or specialized platforms like Marine Spare Parts, Diesel Engine Trader, or Apollo Duck may have listings for MAN Pielstick 18PC4-2B engine spare parts. Be cautious when purchasing from these sources, as the quality of parts and authenticity may vary.

  3. Independent suppliers: Some independent suppliers specialize in providing spare parts for various engine brands, including MAN Pielstick. You can find such suppliers through online searches or industry-specific directories. Ensure that you verify the quality and authenticity of the parts before making a purchase.

  4. Used and refurbished parts: In some cases, you may be able to find used or refurbished spare parts for the MAN Pielstick 18PC4-2B diesel engine. While these parts can be more affordable, it's essential to ensure that they are in good condition and meet the required quality standards.

Remember to prioritize genuine spare parts to ensure the best performance and reliability of your MAN Pielstick 18PC4-2B diesel engine. Always verify the authenticity and quality of the parts before purchasing, especially when dealing with independent suppliers or online marketplaces.


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