Subject: Please propose suitable interest our direct cargo:

Date: 14.06.2011 13:55:54

Details: Reviews 2

From: Khoa [SEACON - CARGO & REPORT] - Ref: 14611-KHOA001 
Pls kindly add to your mailing and circulation list, 
Chartering / Khoa - Seacon 

Dear friends, 
Good morning / afternoon, 

Please propose suitable interest our direct cargo: 

5,000mts of Urea in Bags 
Haipong to Sangi chopt Davao 
1000 shex eiu / 1500 Shex eiu 
Shipment 15-20 June 

5/10,000mts 10% Corn in bulk 
Kakinada or Vizag / Aqaba 
2000 shex eiu / 3000 fhex eiu 
Shipment Junes Dates 

5/10,000mts 10% Agriprods in bulk 
Kandla to Med/Adriatic ports. 
1500 mts sshex eiu / 1500 mts sshex eiu 
Shipment second half June dates 

12,000 mts 10% Agriprods in bulk 
Kandla to Nantong Range including River ports 
2.500 mts sshex eiu / 2.500 sshex eiu 
Shipment Second Half June Dates 

6,000 mts 10% Corn & Agriprods in bulk 
Kakinada chopt Vizag to Indonesia 
1500 shex / 1500 shex 
Shipment June dates 

all 2.5%adcom 

Please advise ows firm indication / full interest, thanks 

Tel: +84.934.311.783 
Yahoo & skype: The_8x

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Mr. Rajesh Mehta
24.01.2012 11:07:51

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13.09.2011 13:42:25

Dear Sirs, My friendly shipowner requests the opportunity to load the ship. Preferably, the Russian Far East, South Korea, China and Japan. Loading is possible in Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam Vessel completed the dock works, good the hatch conditions. The company owner has a good reputation of the sea carrier OPEN BATAM, INDONESIA 17-20/09, 2011. MV GRANIT IMO 9342554 BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS FLAG, RUSSIAN CREW, BLT 2005, DWT 3417 MT ON 5.5 M, LOA/BM/DM (max) 81,0/13,6/6,8 Load –carrying capacity – 3100 mt Hold volume – 1/2250, 2/2250 cub.m Size of covers of hold – each 18,6 x 9,0 Speed -12,0 knt Gearless Brgrds, Victor Tel. +841224338002 mailto: Skype: cosatca


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