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Date: 3/10/2022 5:06:13 AM

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Hi there , my name is Luis Garcia, my company is dedicated to the importation, distribution and sale of LNG in the Central American region, we are working on an electricity generation project for several governments in the region and the Caribbean, initially We will make a start-up proposal for generation initially for 100 mw or less, we know the advantages of electricity generation (Power Barges) due to their rapid installation and operation, it is in our interest that it be operated based on natural gas or,, dual mode gas-diesel, please I would like to know your inventory that is closest to our interests, please include in your response, delivery times, prices, photos, etc


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Md. Ahadul Islam Rakib
12/14/2022 11:21:07 AM Bangladesh

I am Ahad. I'm from Bangladesh. Working as a Marketing Executive in Al Sol Marine BD (PVT) LTD & Pacific Marine Bangladesh.

I welcome your inquiries for complete Engine & compressor and equipment, new genuine parts, reusable parts, and reconditioned ship spare parts for the business experience from a reputed international company in the local market.

I know that you work with power plants, especially in African countries. My company is willing to offer a Power Barge. Where all the components like the engine, generator, cables, etc. are present in a power plant. If you are interested we can send all the details.


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What is Power Barge ?

A power barge is a floating platform equipped with power generation equipment, such as diesel engines or gas turbines, used to generate electricity. Power barges are typically used in locations where it is difficult or expensive to connect to the grid, such as remote islands or offshore platforms. They are also used to provide emergency backup power or as a temporary solution for communities or industries that require additional power generation capacity. Power barges can range in size from small barges with a single generator to large floating power plants equipped with multiple generators.


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