Subject: Power Generator 120MW

Date: 16.05.2016 12:45:17

Details: Reviews 3

We are looking to rent a 120MW power generator for 12 months to be located in Africa.

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satyadev pathania
15.6.2017 10:41:40 India

We can supply you 105 MW Wartsila power plant. USD 18 Millions. or 120 MW MAN USD 9 millions with our associates.


satya dev  pathania

+91 9879583424

17.07.2016 10:00:38 Germany

Could you Please send us your demand scope per mail




Ian Hunter
29.06.2016 11:34:13 Thailand

In addition, JW Oilfield Services also have the following Generator Engine Sets available for Sale :


  • Qty 47 , CAT Model 3516 BXQ, EMCP 4.2, 2000Kva, Unused, ZERO Metered Hours



We also have the following for sale:


13-1. 6 X EMD MD 20-645-E9B diesel engines rated at 2500KW, 900rpm, each driving 3125kva GE A20U24 generators


13-2. 5 X EMD MD 16E9B diesel engines rated at 3,070 hp driving 1 x 2,200 Kw driving 4,160 VAC generators


13-3. 4 X EMD 16-645 E9B diesel engines rated at 2,181 kW, 900 rpm, each driving 1 x 2,000 KVA Electro-Motive AB20-6 Synchronous generator


13-4. 1 X EMD MD 12-645-E8 diesel engines rated at 1050KW, 900rpm, each driving 3125kva GE A20U24 generators


13-5. 6 X Caterpillar 3612 diesel engines rated at 3,300 kW, 900 rpm, each driving 1 x 4,715kVA Kato generator.


13-6. 1 X Caterpillar D399 diesel engine rated to 600 kW at 1800 rpm driving 1 x Kato 750 kW generator.


13-6. 1 X Caterpillar 3508B diesel engine rated 731 kW, 900 rpm driving 1 x Caterpillar SR4 generator.


13-7. 1 X Caterpillar 3304 diesel engines rated at 90KW 1800rpm, driving SR-4 generator


13-8. 8 X Wartsila Vasa 16V22 diesel motors rated to 3,250 hp each and 1 x each ABB 3,215 kVA generator


13-9. 4 X Bergen KVBG-12 2200 hp engines, driving 4X1528KW, 600V, 60HZ, generators


13-10. 1 X Cummins VTA 28-G2 diesel engine, driving 500KW, 440V, 60HZ, generator


13-11. 1 X Detroit 16V92 diesel engine rated 550 kW, 1,800 rpm driving 1 x Stewart Stevenson VGDT-550 generator.


13-12. 1 X Detroit diesel 16V149 825 kW diesel engine

13-13. 2 X D399 CAT Engine c/w GE alternator

13-14. 2 X 3516 CAT c/w Kato Alternator

Ian Hunter




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