Quotation for Emergency Bidding - A/C CORREA TURBOS BRASIL EMD645 Turbos

Subject: Quotation for Emergency Bidding - A/C CORREA TURBOS BRASIL EMD645 Turbos

Date: 5/27/2024 4:27:05 PM

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Dear friend, how are you?

I hereby announce that we have won an emergency tender for the maintenance of EMD645 Turbos, initially we already have a list below of what we need urgently, for the maintenance of just 6 Turbos, after that we have 6 more spare units, for that I need your best price and delivery time, part numbers and descriptions are correct, if you have any questions please get in touch, please send photos if possible, this is extremely important to us!


Parts for immediate exchange with released tender:
P/n 8261090 washer - 8 pcs
P/n 8261086 bearing - 8 pcs
P/n 8310542 bearing assy - 6 pcs
P/n 8315689 cup spring - 144 pcs
P/n 8329451 bearing - 6 pcs - 
P/n 8329488 washer thrust heat DAM 567 -645 - 6 pcs
P/n 8329531 machine shaft sun gear STD - 6 pcs - 
P/n 8366272 clutch roller 645 - 60 pcs - 
P/n 8441777 seal ring - 12 pcs 
P/n 8358383 spring roller comp cam - 60 pcs 
P/n 8347939 Washer ANTI Thrust EMD645 - 6 pcs
P/n 8366281 clutch bearing support 645 - 6 pcs
P/n 9503854 bearing compressor, journal - 6 pcs

Parts with possible exchange without tender:
P/n 8479962 impeller - 2 pcs 
P/n 9518645 blades turbine, 010 TO.0,25 or 0,30 DEG - 300pcs 





Daniel Thomé

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