Subject: Quote inquiry for VALENTA18RP200

Date: 4/11/2021 5:45:57 PM

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Dear, all

Recently I look for those parts,

if anyone could give me quotation, please send me email.

I also look for second hand engine as well.


Kind regards,


Cyl' Head (Y3J10001G)  18EA

Heat Exchanger(91OA41P01)    1EA

Exhaust manifold, Drive End(18Y4JX46935A) 2EA

Exhaust Manifold, Center(18Y4JX46926A) 2EA

Exhaust Manifold, Free End(18Y4JX46934A) 2EA

Turbocharger(OD31559) 2EA

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Contact Name :Kian Kwon
Company Name:SAMWHA
Mobile Phone:+48 697403031
Phone:+48 697403031

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