Rachel 4286 dwt 2x CR30t, blt 85 SIETAS mpp tween

Subject: Rachel 4286 dwt 2x CR30t, blt 85 SIETAS mpp tween

Date: 30.01.2014 00:31:43

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- Sale & Purchase Department -

From our direct owners still have for sale the following

- 4286 dwt 2x CR30t multipurpose tweendecker -

about 4,286 mtdw on 6.62 m draft
about 88.60 m LOA 15.68 m BEAM
built 11/1985 - SIETAS / Germany
Panama flag
Class IBS
256 TEU / 169 TEU @ 14t
20 reefer plugs
2 CR 30 TS
grain/bale 5462/5401 cbm
1 x WARTSILA VASA 6R32 of 2,220 kw @ 720 rpm
adjustable tweendecks

all abt and wog

Vsl trading caribs, enrt Honduras loading 7/8th for Venezuela theraft.

Can guide on price, further details here


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