Rare TLC 10000 TON Floating Dock for Sale (USD3.25M) ?

Subject: Rare TLC 10000 TON Floating Dock for Sale (USD3.25M) ?

Date: 2/16/2023 1:28:26 AM

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Direct from the owners, we can offer this rare opportunity to purchase this floating dock with very attractive price.
This floating dock was first built in Japan in 1986 and rebuilt in Korea in 2008 so that two floating docks were combined to be reborn as one medium-sized dock.
This dock is currently in operation at a local shipyard in South Korea, and it has been regularly inspected and maintained. Therefore, you can visit there at any time for your on-site inspection.
The class cert. doesn't exist because this size is classified and registered as a construction equipment in Korea.
Major Specifications: 

  • Lifting Capacity: 10,000ton
  • Gross Tons: 9,000ton
  • Light Weight: about 7,000ton
  • LOA: 122m, Breadth of Inside: 27m, Outside: 34m 
  • Depth of Top Deck: 17m, Safety Deck: 15.4m
  • Price: FOB USD3,250,000-



Please refer to the Particulars and General Arrangement Photos and Layout Drawings below for more details and YouTube 




If you are interested, please contact us for more detailed information as soon as possible.


Best regards,




#207, Gwangjang-ro 34(Gwaebeop-dong), Sasang-gu,

Busan city 617-809, Republic of Korea(South)

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2/27/2024 7:33:03 AM United Arab Emirates

Looking for a floating dock for our company

David Jurecka
2/4/2024 1:17:04 PM Mexico





I am Mr Adam Shera of  ATACO MARINE & ENGINEERING PTE LTD. We come across your production and we pick interest to deal with your valued company.


Please offer the unit price with the closest dimensions from your product range (vessels).

Kindly send us your catalog and best quotation with EXW price, MOQ and Delivery time to Mexico city on our below email address and whatsapp.


Waiting for your soonest reply.



Adam Shera,

Purchasing manager


Phone: +525526603669

Whatsapp: +525526603669

E-mail: adamshera85@gmail.com


Purchasing manager Mexico


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What is Rare TLC 10000 TON Floating Dock for Sale (USD3.25M) ?

A floating dock is a type of dock that is designed to be mobile and is not fixed to a specific location. The Rare TLC 10000 Ton Floating Dock is a specific type of floating dock with a capacity to lift up to 10,000 tons of weight.

This particular dock is being offered for sale for USD3.25M, and is described as "rare" due to its large lifting capacity. It can be used for a variety of applications, such as repairing or maintaining large ships, offshore platforms, or other heavy equipment that needs to be lifted out of the water.

The dock is likely to have a variety of features, such as hydraulic systems, ballast tanks, and support structures, to ensure it can operate safely and efficiently. It may also have a control room or other monitoring systems to help operators control and maneuver the dock as needed.

Overall, the Rare TLC 10000 Ton Floating Dock is a specialized piece of equipment designed for heavy lifting and is a valuable asset for businesses involved in marine operations or heavy industry.


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