Subject: Request for a TSA in Rotterdam

Date: 1/5/2024 3:42:16 PM

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We are interested in establishing a TSA with your storage company in Rotterdam. The TSA will involve initially EN590 quantity of either 100,000 or 200,000 metric tons.

We have been looking for a real Storage Company so we can finalize our stages of concluding the CI with our valued seller, and a verifiable TSA is one of the key conditions to ensure that the product can be transferred from the seller's tank to our buyer's TSA in Rotterdam port.

Please could you get back to me, let me know if you have EN590 tanks available for leasing at the moment in Rotterdam? If you do, please let me know what you require from me to proceed in you sending a TSA along with your CIS or company profile?

Requirement from our side would be the following, 

- We need to confirm the physical location and site visit, DD needs to be carried out.

Both buyer and I have been to Rotterdam where we found the Tank leasing farms to be fake, address did not add up, people wanting money up front.  

Please understand due to fraud of fake scam companies, we can’t release any money until we can confirm all is above board, we are also happy to set up escrow account if need be. 

It is not the issue of paying for the Tank storage, it is the issue of how real the TSA and TSR are and verification of the tank itself, we have to make sure things are real.  

I am happy to introduce the buyer and KYC when I to feel we are satisfied, but we have to do our checks first. 

Thank you very much, and I look forward to your prompt reply.


Miles McWilliams

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Mr Cornelis
1/11/2024 3:40:03 PM Netherlands

We, at ADS Trading BV in the Netherlands, have recently received alarming reports of fraudulent activities involving tank leasing companies in Rotterdam and Houston. In response, we have diligently blacklisted these entities on the Rotterdam Blacklist Portal.

To ensure your safety and protect your investments, we strongly advise against engaging with these flagged companies. Instead, consider ADS Trading BV as your trusted partner for storage solutions. We have established partnerships with reputable firms like Vitti and Vopak, enabling us to guide you through the secure process of leasing storage in Rotterdam or any European port.

Your peace of mind is our priority, and we are committed to safeguarding your interests. Feel free to reach out to us for expert assistance in acquiring reliable storage solutions.


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