Subject: Required Rolls Royce Azimuth US255/p30fp

Date: 1/25/2023 1:24:56 PM

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Dear Sir /Mam,

We need Rolls Royce Azimuth Thruster, MODEL US255/p30fp.


Thanks & Regards,

Pratham Enterprise

F-5 First Floor, 

Radheshyam Complex,

Radha Mandir,

Bhavnagar -364001 (Gujarat)



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What is Rolls Royce Azimuth Thruster, MODEL US255/p30fp ?

The Rolls-Royce US255/p30fp Azimuth Thruster is a type of propulsion system used to control the direction of ships and other vessels. It is an azimuth thruster, which means that it can rotate 360 degrees horizontally, allowing the vessel to move in any direction. The thruster is designed to provide high propulsion power, with a high-performance propeller and powerful motor. The US255/p30fp is a heavy-duty thruster that is built to withstand the harsh conditions of marine environments, such as high currents and heavy seas. It is suitable for a wide range of vessels including cargo ships, tugs, offshore supply vessels, and other specialized ships. It could be powered by electric or diesel, and could be fixed or retractable.

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