Subject: river sand /course sand for sale

Date: 24.4.2017 13:31:12

Details: Reviews 4

1000000 m3 river sand , 402 million M3  sea sand conssenssion area  for JV negotiations .commidity specs of dumping  sand and wash sand for constructions use for sale price of FOB basis usd 3.00 per m3 .sea bulk  transport are negotiable ... availiable 4c /Dcl /K2 and K3 export permit upon LOI .. 

any interested constructions company can call direct as stated number 601117636367

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Dody Raz
12.8.2020 07:32:53 Malaysia

how can i assist you with supplying river sand to maldives? we can start discussion.

11.12.2019 10:39:27 China

Our company needs specifications of Hesha above 1.8-2.2, with 300000 tons per month. Thank you

Garry Bennetts
9.10.2019 11:00:21 Australia

I have a requirement for significand amounts of sand.

It will have to meet stringent government regulationsbut significant amounts are required

Please contact me to discuss


Regards Garry Bennetts

Ahmed Khaleel
27.7.2017 12:57:46 Maldives

I am intersted in river sand. Please contact me on whatsapp +9607909733


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