Subject: Rolls Royce Bergen B35:40V12AG. 5.3 MW. 2018.

Date: 20.7.2018 20:13:55

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Year: 2018

Hours: 2,000

Capacity: 5.25 MW

Volts: 10,500

Scope of Supply: Engine, Alternator, Base Frame, Control Panel and Gas Line.
Overhaul Status: 

New Engine and Crank delivered in April 2018.

Alternator and control panel etc. is from 2007.

No service needed for 10,000 - 15,000 hours when new pistons will be needed.

Price: £400,000

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1/4/2023 9:01:13 PM Bangladesh

Dear Sir,

Please arrange to send me the price quotation  for generator set with standard accessories for power plant, type b35: 40v12ag2 over mail.


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