Subject: SALE : Scrap Vessel for Demolition

Date: 31.7.2017 09:52:29

Details: Reviews 15

SALE : Scrap Vessel for Demolition 

  • Type of Vessel : Tanker
  • Location : Malaysia
  • Year Built : 1976
  • D.W.T : 524.49
  • G.T : 309
  • N.T : 111
  • SPEED : 10 KNOTS

Pm me for more details, thank you.

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Simarjeet singh maan
5/27/2024 12:57:38 PM Malaysia

We are willing to buy scrap vessels for demolition any kind of vessels….

(Better if got high light weight tonnage )

feel free to contact with me

Hanif Memon
11/25/2023 10:22:46 AM Pakistan

Dear Sir,

Exploring Global Businesses for Ships and Vessels.

We have possibility to buy and sell the various Vessels and Ships to cater
and exploit for:

•       Procurement of the Buying Requirements; and
•       Promotion of the Selling Opportunities

Looking forward to receiving an early favourable reply.

Hanif Memon
Cell / Whatsapp: +92 333 3047857

Qalb E Abbas
5/24/2023 1:39:21 PM United Arab Emirates

I have already sent mail to your email, I am looking for to buy ships behalf of my company. So, let's negotiate and make a deal, beneficial to both of us.

Thank you....

Ahmed Hassan
9/13/2022 7:14:37 PM Turkey

We have for demolition a general cargo ship abt 10k dwt and 3067 lwt 

Kindly send email to

Santosh Chacko
7.2.2021 10:39:15 United Arab Emirates

Tanvir Ahmed
3.1.2021 09:00:05 Bangladesh

Looking for Scrap/Demolition vessel to procure for my potential Ship Breaking Yard Buyer. Size - 2000- 20000 LDT on CIF Basis Till Chittagong port, Bangladesh.

M Hussain Kajol
3.10.2020 03:57:59 Bangladesh

Looking for Scrap/Demolition vessel for Buy for our potential Ship Breaking Yard Buyer. Size - 2000- 20000 LDT as CIF Basis Till Chattogram port, Bangladesh.

26.9.2020 17:58:27 Indonesia


i have jackup for Scrap in Indonesia 


you interest for buy 





Erdi Engin
20.8.2020 00:17:07 United States



We are a USA company that is seeking to purchase large marine equipment for scrap. 


The budget for the project is more than $10,000,000.00 USD.  The Project scope is:


  • Locate floating marine assets of more than 10,000 light weight tonnage and tow or ship to the scrap facility
  • Locate other steel equipment and load into barges or ships for delivery
  • Prefer minimal or zero hydrocarbons.  If more than minimal the owner should plan to remove prior to purchase
  • All global geographical locations are all to be considered. Cost verse profit will guide the decision to purchase or not
  • Commissions for Brokers that bring a sale will be split in an equal manner for everyone:
    • Commissions will be based upon percentage of final sale price and please note that EnE Trading will not request a higher percentage
    • We will maintain transparency throughout the process
    • Documented Co Broker agreements will be completed


Looking forward to hearing back from you! 


Arshan memon
16.7.2019 18:37:03 India

Please  send me the full detail of this vessel and tell me your asking rate ,thankyou

great odili
4.4.2019 02:26:09 Nigeria

dear sir, we urgently need scrap dhip for demolision, kindly send prices and pictures of the scrap vessesls.

best reagrds

greaty odili

mohamed shafeeq
4.11.2018 07:51:19 Indonesia

price for delivery

Rana Ahsan Khan
24.7.2018 11:03:06 United Arab Emirates

Dear Sir,

Good Day!

Thank you for the informations may we ask for the stability booklet?

and send me the lumpsum price.

Thnak you.

Best Regards,

Rana Ahsan Khan

Asterios G. Simha
24.7.2018 10:45:59 Greece

please forward information for vessel above , with details provided .

Thank you



Rana Ahsan Khan
20.5.2018 10:21:07 United Arab Emirates


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