Subject: Scrap Dumb Barge for Sale

Date: 2/3/2023 10:40:30 AM

Details: Reviews 3

Type: Dumb Barge

Size: 1,000 Tonnes

Location: Portharcourt

Price: N40,000,000

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Asher S
3/15/2024 4:23:34 AM United States

Barge for sale

9/17/2023 12:55:50 PM Malaysia

I'm looking for barge,ship for scrapping.pls kindly contact us.tq

Fazlul Haque Surja
2/9/2023 5:44:01 PM Bangladesh

We are sourcing Scrapped Ship / barges etc. Please contact.



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What is Dumb Barge ?

A "dumb barge" is a type of barge that is not equipped with its own propulsion system and relies on towboats or tugboats to be moved. Dumb barges are used to transport a variety of cargo, including bulk materials such as coal, grain, and gravel, as well as containers, liquids, and other products. These barges are typically wider and longer than their self-propelled counterparts, allowing them to carry larger loads. Dumb barges are an economical and efficient mode of transportation for cargo that does not require the use of specialized handling equipment, and are commonly used for short-haul or inland waterway transport.

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