Subject: Self propelled cargo barges needed

Date: 7/8/2022 12:44:52 AM

Details: Reviews 2

Looking for self propelled barges 5,000 NT for time Charter. Nature of ops - Transport Iron Ore from pier to mother vessel at anchorage. Cargo - Iron Ore. Place of ops - West Africa

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Churchill Austine
1/8/2023 7:09:22 PM Nigeria


Churchill Austine
1/6/2023 11:11:44 AM Nigeria

Available for daily rate hire


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What is Self Propelled Cargo Barges ?

Self-propelled cargo barges are floating vessels that are equipped with their own propulsion system, allowing them to move independently without the need for a tugboat or other external assistance. These barges are typically used for the transportation of cargo, such as containers, bulk materials, or other goods, along inland waterways or coastal areas. Self-propelled cargo barges are designed to be highly maneuverable and efficient, allowing them to navigate narrow or shallow waterways and to access locations that may not be accessible to larger ships. They can be powered by diesel engines, electric motors, or other forms of propulsion, and may be equipped with cranes or other cargo handling equipment to facilitate loading and unloading.


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