Subject: Siemens 3x Steam turbines

Date: 8/8/2023 3:32:44 PM

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Siemens 3x Steam turbines

3x complete turbine sets / Steam turbines + transformer (Tsun 6641)

Model G300-2 V5


The equipment was in operation in Germany and is now completely dismantled and stored in a warehouse in Poland.


Completely dismantled means including oil system, cooler, etc.


Operating time:


- T1 - 9,800 kW - 73,500 hours,


- T2 - 4,000 kW - 50,800 hours,


- T3 - 3,600 kW - no data available, estimated time similar to T2.


Very good technical condition, an inspection was carried out by a specialist before dismantling,


a report in English is available for consultation at the eventual sale stage.

see some photos of the stored units.

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