Date: 25.01.2016 10:02:18

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Mr Richards Is a Blackmailer!!  SIMARINA UAB!!

This Company is a Fraud and Blackmailers, they give a order and the payment and later on due to some issues with their client, the client canceled the order from SIMARINA UAB and this company put pressure to cancel the order from our end too, when we declined for the order cancellation SIMARINA UAB started putting pressure and started blackmailing for their refund.

Our Goods Were ready for the Shipment with Their own DHL Account and Later When the Pump Reached the DHL for the Delivery, SIMARINA UAB Canceled the Booking from DHL.

After Several Reminders When We dint had Any Proper feedback From This Company Regarding the Shipment, We straightly forwarded The Pump to Their Company

We Did Our Work And Forwarded The Pump Now That’s There Look out With Their Clients, We have Done With Our Work And Also have The B/L Of The Pump .


Thank You, Faithfully Mukta Shipping 

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