Subject: Spares and Repairs - Pro Servo - What do you think?

Date: 29.10.2014 11:44:22

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Good Morning !

I have a question for the Maintenance Engineer or Purchasing Manager present on the forum.
One of my drive is faulty and SIEMENS has failed to identify which drive it was during their on site inspection. They now only offer me to buy the PSU and all the drives at list price !
Not ready to face such cost for my company, I struggled to find an economical solution and finally have find this company :
Desperate, I've sent them an inquiry explaining my problem and a very nice friendly person answered me within 20 min. They proposed to pick up all the drives and functiunally test them to identify the faulty one in order to offer me the replacement.
They apparently offer service exchange and repairs, as welll as rare and obsolete parts up to the 80's !
Has anyone has tried them before ? Are they any good ? 
Thank you.
PS : The guy I emailed was Jimmy, answering at this adresss :
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