Subject: supply GE Turbine MS5001

Date: 6/14/2023 1:54:16 PM

Details: Reviews 6

We would like to request for quote on the following items from your product line or their equivalents. We would greatly appreciate a response as soon as possible,
1. To supply Flage to flange replacement for
GE Turbine :MS5001

Turbine use :Oil field

Serial Number :295201

Design Memo Number :R594

Model List Number :7L5A1PP372-1

Gas Turbine application :Industrial generator drive Cycle Simple

Type of Operations: Continues

Shaft Rotation :Counter Clockwise

Shaft Speed :5,100 RPM

Number of compressor stage :17

Number of turbine stages :2

Gas Turbine Nameplate rating at 0.000 altitude foot

Base Output :20,135 KW

Exhaust Temperature :917 Fo

Inlet temperature :104 Fo

Pressure :14.7 Psi

Fuel :Natural Gas


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abuulbadee A AW.
5/9/2024 1:40:10 PM Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

Dear Sirs…

we need to Supply of load gear box  (Reduction gear) for GE frame 5 Gas turbine  a as per attached name plate and  the following specifications : 

  • Speed Reducing gear.
  • Type : S – 424 – C5.
  • RATING : 19.600kw.
  • RPM : 5105/3600.


You kindly request to submit your competitive offer for supply the above subject (quantity : one piece)  as per the following conditions:

  1. All technical data and documents to be provided.
  2. The delivery should in bases CIF to Tripoli seaport Libya.
  3. Time schedule for delivery.
  4. The prices shell be in USA Dollar.
  5. Validity of offer 3 months at least.
  6. The Closing Date to submit the offer is: May 18th, 2024.

Majeed B
4/10/2024 7:34:51 PM Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

Deqar Sir  


  We looking for 


: GE

•             Spare Part  for MS5001L


•              : 1

•     ITEM  REQUESTD    is  S-424-C5

Ali Abushareb
4/9/2024 11:25:50 AM Libyan Arab Jamahiriya


I have a client who is an oil company operates in LIBYA, They are asking us for RFQ  of the following:

Turbine GE- MS5001L

Gearbox Type: S-424-C5

Condition: NEW

I hope that you assist us to get the best price.

Best regards.

Ali Abushareb

Operation and Sales Manager

Alex Gee
9/11/2023 12:00:06 PM Germany

Looking for GE F5 gas turbine generator sets.

WhatsApp: +4917685671340

frank Wylie
7/11/2023 9:25:51 PM United States

Are you still seeking a Frame 5 turbine generator?

frank Wylie
7/11/2023 8:48:05 PM United States

Are still seeking a FRAME 5 turbine generator set?


We have units in stock for prompt delivery.


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