Subject: Tanker available for scrap

Date: 2/22/2023 2:23:21 PM

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All Port dues, Agency charges or any additional charges are already paid by Owners of Ocean Princess 1 till 10th of MAY 2022. The final payments all dues will be paid before the delivery to the buyer.

more information can be provided upon request.

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7/5/2023 7:55:47 PM India

Dear sir/madam 

My name is Aslam I am from India we are buying 100 to 150 ships every month in India we are interested in this ship if you want to sell this ship send details and photos to our whatsapp or our email


4/7/2023 4:55:13 PM Indonesia


our company from Batam-Indonesia

we interest for purchase all Vessel/Ship for scrap , if you have Vessel / Ship/Rig/Jackup,etc For Scrap , please don,t hesitate to contact me





3/7/2023 2:37:15 PM United Arab Emirates

we are looking to buy your ship for recycling.

3/3/2023 11:50:57 AM United Arab Emirates

We are pleased to inform you that ISHIPS MARITIME LLC is now active as ship recycling cash buyers.


Delivering cash buying solutions to the global shipping and offshore industries. The cash buying industry is changing and the role of the cash buyer is driven by ongoing environmental changes and long-term sustainability.

ISHIPS are an established Group – dealing with some of the  largest ship recycling facilities in the world. ISHIPS are market leaders when it comes to recycling both ships and offshore units.

ISHIPS was established  with a vision to become the leading recycling operation for both ships and offshore units worldwide. We draw inspiration from the foundations already laid in India in 1999 and demand continued growth and success to provide all round service to our clients.

The expansion of our business and continued growth as a cash buyer compliments our intention to be world leaders in this field, underpinned by our extensive access to facilities and expertise.

Company is well known name to the shipping industry and has been traded more than 567 vessels for recycling since 1999.


For more information and background please visit our website


We hope that you will continue to support with demo / recycling vessels as you have supported us since 1999.


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What is Tanker Vessel Available for Scrap ?

A tanker vessel available for scrap refers to a ship that is no longer economically viable or safe to operate, and is therefore being sold for its scrap value. Tanker vessels are designed to transport large quantities of liquid cargo, such as oil, and typically have a lifespan of several decades.

When a tanker vessel reaches the end of its useful life, it may be sold for scrap to a shipbreaking yard. The shipbreaking yard will dismantle the vessel and sell its metal and other valuable materials for recycling. The process of scrapping a large vessel can be complex and involve environmental and safety concerns, so it is important that it is carried out in a responsible manner.

In some cases, a tanker vessel may also be scrapped due to damage or other issues that make it unsafe to operate. Whatever the reason for scrapping a tanker vessel, the process involves careful planning and execution to ensure that it is done in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.


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