Tanker vessel 4 units for demolition sale

Subject: Tanker vessel 4 units for demolition sale

Date: 6.3.2019 03:59:32

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Dear Sir,


We as an agent on behalf of seller have the following vessels for demolition offer:


MT Khuran : LDT 10,061MT , CFR Alang : 410$/LDT MT

MT Pagas : LDT 9920 MT, CFR Alang : 420$/LDT MT,   

MT Mena : LDT 9920 MT, CFR Alang : 420$/ LDT MT,  

MT Tabuk : LDT 9920 MT: CFR Alang : 410$/LDT MT.


All 4 vessels are on own power.


Please find attached Q88 for above 4 units.

Owner wants to sell all 4 units as a package. Package price can be lowered to 410$/LDT MT net CFR Alang as average price for total LDT 39,821MT.

Payment terms ; 20% cash / Escrow on signing MOA and 80% LC to be released within 3 days of delivery.


Kindly send LOI if interested  within 24 hours..



Thanks & Krgds

Riaz Ahmed

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Hanif Memon
11/25/2023 10:39:13 AM Pakistan

Dear Sir,

Exploring Global Businesses for Ships and Vessels.

We have possibility to buy and sell the various Vessels and Ships to cater
and exploit for:

•       Procurement of the Buying Requirements; and
•       Promotion of the Selling Opportunities

Looking forward to receiving an early favourable reply.

Hanif Memon
Cell / Whatsapp: +92 333 3047857

Capt. Victoriano
2/2/2023 6:11:00 PM Philippines

Are this 4 tankers still available. Please do contact me for possible business negotiations.


Capt. Vic

Henry Choi
2.11.2020 10:50:23 Korea, (South) Rep. of

We are looking for small and medium sized scrap vessels of chemical tankers and aluminum hull boats, which are located in Japan or China to scrap in Korean yard,

Do you have any suitable offers ?

Kind regards,


Douglas j Thompson
18.1.2020 19:10:40 United States

We would like to make an offer on all 4 of these Vessels 

Do You have a Company that will move them ? 

Thank You

Doug Thompson


1.10.2019 15:54:21 Nigeria

attn mr ahmed, i will like.to make enquiries about the.list.os scrap.vessels forsale, according.to.the pictures kindly furnish.me with details on them.including amount

Meghani H. G.
24.4.2019 05:15:09 India

We are interested in ship for recycling. 


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What is the meaning of vessels for demolition ?

Vessels for demolition refer to ships, boats, or any other watercraft that are no longer functional or economically viable for their intended purpose and are being disposed of through the process of demolition. This typically involves breaking down the vessel into smaller pieces for recycling or disposal in a landfill. The process of demolition must be performed in an environmentally responsible manner to minimize the impact on the surrounding ecosystem and to comply with regulations and safety standards.


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