Subject: Techcross ECS 300B X 1SET and Ex-ECS 1600B x 1 set for Sale (BRAND NEW)

Date: 5/17/2023 12:05:22 PM

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Hi, Good day.

We have in our warehouse a brand new, unused BWTS system; Techcross ECS 300B X 1SET, and Ex-ECS 1600B x 1 set for Sale. The item was purchased for a vessel in 2019 but could not fit as the vessel was Sold.

  • Packing lists, and details of the equipment.

Unit 1 - Maker: Techcross, Electro-Clean System / Model: ExECS-1600X1

Unit 2 - Maker: Techcross, Electro-Clean System / Model: ECS300X1

Shop test completed in 2019, report available.

LR Class Type Approval Certificate is also available.


For more details and price,  Please contact us, Thank you!

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What is Techcross ECS 300B  and Techcross Ex-ECS 1600B ?

Techcross is a South Korean company that specializes in environmental technology. They are best known for their development and manufacture of Ballast Water Management Systems (BWMS).

Ballast water is used in ships to maintain balance and stability. However, it can also unintentionally transport and introduce invasive and potentially harmful aquatic species into new environments when it is discharged. To mitigate this ecological problem, international regulations have been implemented to require the treatment of ballast water to remove or neutralize these organisms before the water is discharged.

Techcross's BWMS uses a method called "Electro-Cleen System" (ECS) which involves electrolysis to produce active substances that eliminate these organisms. As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, Techcross is one of the leading companies in this field and their systems have been installed on a large number of vessels worldwide.

Please note that for the most recent information, you should refer to Techcross's official resources or contact them directly.



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