Subject: TOKYO KEIKI ES-11A GYRO MASTER COMPASS in stock for Sale

Date: 5/6/2023 8:42:42 AM

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We have Available TOKYO KEIKI ES-11A GYRO MASTER COMPASS in Stock for Sale.

Manufacturer: TOKYO KEIKI
Type: ES-11A
Quantity: 01 Pc
Condition: Used and in Running Condition
Location: Bangladesh

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require further information or would like to place an order. We would be happy to provide you with a quote and answer any questions you may have.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.


Thanks & Regards-

Md. Sarwar 
Sales & Marketing Manager.

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The Tokyo Keiki ES-11A Gyro Master Compass is a gyrocompass designed and manufactured by Tokyo Keiki, a Japanese company that specializes in the development and production of advanced marine navigation and control systems. A gyrocompass is a type of non-magnetic compass that finds true north by using a fast-spinning rotor, which is typically mounted on a set of gimbals that allow it to freely rotate in multiple axes. The gyrocompass relies on the principles of angular momentum and Earth's rotation to align itself with the true geographical north, providing accurate navigation data that is not influenced by magnetic fields.

The ES-11A Gyro Master Compass is designed for use in marine vessels and is an essential navigation instrument that helps in determining the ship's course and maintaining a steady direction. This model, like other Tokyo Keiki gyrocompasses, is known for its high precision, reliability, and low maintenance requirements.

Some of the key features of the Tokyo Keiki ES-11A Gyro Master Compass may include:

  1. High-precision true north finding capabilities with minimal deviation.
  2. Quick settling time, allowing the compass to provide accurate data soon after being powered on.
  3. Resistant to the effects of magnetic fields and other external disturbances, ensuring stable and accurate navigation data.
  4. Compact and lightweight design, making it suitable for installation on various types and sizes of vessels.
  5. Low power consumption and minimal maintenance requirements, making it an economical choice for long-term use.

Overall, the Tokyo Keiki ES-11A Gyro Master Compass is a reliable and accurate navigation instrument that plays a crucial role in ensuring the safe and efficient operation of marine vessels.


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