Urgent In Need Of AHTS Available For Charter

Subject: Urgent In Need Of AHTS Available For Charter

Date: 19.04.2013 15:02:54

Details: Reviews 2

We have an urgent need for a 
100tons Bollard Pull DP-2 AHTS vessel not more than 6 to 10 yrs old from the year of build and rebuilt. 
The job scope is for towing and services jobs duration is rolls and extension of one year 
Required certificates are Bollard Pull and DP2 certificates.

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Ernest urhude
27.05.2013 15:00:19 nigeria

sir, please send details of end user and loi to act

meslem amine
30.04.2013 13:43:17 algeria

dear sir pls advice more detail abt work scoop and zone work also back ground of the chrts thanks meslem amine


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