Subject: Used 45MW( 50HZ) Coal fired power plant for sale

Date: 4/13/2021 10:18:23 AM

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The main components of the power plant are the boiler and the turbine with auxiliary devices built in1993 and 1984.

PRICE IS €6,850,000  as is where is 




Manufacturer Stein industry

Year of manufacturing: 1884

Year of stopping: 2020

Working hours: app.74.000 h

Design pressure: 94 bar

Working pressure: 46 Bara - 82 Bara

Working steam temperature: 470 (490) C

Feed water temp: 105-115 C

Minimum load: 40t/h

Maximum load: 165t/h

Normal continuous load: 155t/h

Fuel design: 5800-7450 kca/kg

Flue gas cleaning system: consist of multi cyclones and electrostatic precipitator.

Control system: new in 2013


History: boiler was always maintained and is in excellent technical condition.

Major renovations in the last two years (2018-2019):

-Replacement of 20 super heater loops every year (approximately) with radio control of 1/3 per year

-Replacing the fins of the mechanical cyclone dust collector

-Checking and plugging a few tubes in the bundle between tanks (following annual check)

-Replacement of the electrostatic precipitator internals (is as new condition)

-Replacement of the soot reinjection nozzles

-Revision of the edges and bars of the fireplace (fireplace bars are as new condition)




Steam boiler with all pressure parts

Valves and fittings

Firing place with travelling grate type Detroit

All supporting structures, stairs and platforms

Primary air system

Secondary air system

Tertial air system

Feed water tank


Feed water pumps 3 (2 x main + 1 reserve turbine driven)

Fuel loading shaft

Ash and slag hoppers

Slag remover

Ash conveyor

Flue gas ducts

Chimney ca. 33 M


Hi voltage transformer

Supporting structures for precipitator

Dust extraction system

Control systems for boiler and precipitator




Producer: ABB Parsons

Type: Axial flow, condensing

Year of manufacturing: 1993

No. of running hours: 33.095 h

Stopped: 2017 until 2021 well-preserved and automatically turned


Technical details:

Maximum Continuous Rating: 45000 kWe

Inlet steam flow: 154 t/h

Inlet Steam Pressure: 63 bar

Temperature; 482 C (900F)

Vacuum: 28.86"Hg




Make Parsons/ABB

Year of manufacture: 1993

Capacity (in kVA): 56250 kVA

Rated Stator Voltage: 11000 V

Rated Stator Current: 2950 A

No. of Phases: 3

Speed: 3000 Rpm

No. of Poles: 2

Frequency: 50 Hz

Power Factor: 0.8

Insulation Class: F

Connection: Star




Steam Turbine Assembly.

Alternator Assembly.

Exciter Assembly.

Shaft Coupling (Steam Turbine to Alternator).

Barring Gear Assembly

Governing System.

Soleplates, Steam Turbine and Alternator. Oil System, comprising of Oil tank, including support structure:

Main oil pump

AC oil circulating Pump, Electric Motor Driven.

DC emergency oil circulating pump

Duplex Oil Filter Assembly.

2 Nos. Oil Cooler Assembly.

2 Nos. oil filters

Electric oil purifier (Alpha Laval)

Oil Mist Eliminator (vent).Oil Supply Lines to Steam Turbine, Gear and Generator. Oil Return Lines from Steam Turbine, Gear & Generator to Oil tank. Jacking oil pump, DC motor and associated pipework

Control oil package Inlet Steam Line:

Inlet Steam Isolating Valve.

Extraction Steam Isolating Valve. Ejector Assembly:

Sea water cooled steam Condenser.

CEPs with Motors.

All Interconnecting Pipelines.

Exhaust Bellow.

Condensing Flash Tank. Bleed steam system comprising of De-aerator:

2 x deaerator feed pumps

LP heater

HP heater

Drain cooler

Gland steam condenser

Clean drains flash vessel

2 x air ejectors Heat Exchanger, Generator Air:

Turbine Monitoring & Control Panels.

Generator Monitoring & Control Panels.

Field Mounted Instruments.

Local Junction Boxes.

Drain Lines.

Special tools, as available including rotor lifting beam

All available Documentation.

AVR Panel.

Control system



Out of scope of supply, but optional possible: cooling towers , fuel feeding system, slag reservoir, cabling ,compressed air supply , water treatment.


Included: disassembly engineering, marking, dismantling, preserving for sea transport and loading in to sea container.


Not included: package materials, sea containers, transportation.


All items in this offer may be subject to prior sale.


Please contact me for more details


Best regards

Woonha Jee 


101-802 , Bundangro 190 

Seongnam city, Kyonggido

13581, Korea 


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Hello Woon, is the power plant available?




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