Subject: Used training Vessel available for sale!

Date: 3/14/2023 2:08:49 PM

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Up for grabs is our fishing training vessel, with specifications as per below:

Name of Vessel: Kazahaya Steamer
Built by: Miho Shipbuilding Co. Ltd.
Year of launch: 1994
Type of Propeller(s): 1X Pentagonal propeller
Gross Tonnage: 44 Tonnes.

Length of Vessel: 21 meters
Width of Vessel: 5.5 meters
Depth of Vessel: 2 metres

Location: Mie Prefecture, Japan.

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What is Fishing Training Vessel ?

A Fishing Training Vessel is a vessel that is designed and equipped to train individuals in the art of fishing. It is typically used to provide practical training to students or new fishermen who wish to learn about fishing techniques and methods. The Kazahaya Steamer is a specific fishing training vessel built by Miho Shipbuilding Co. Ltd. in 1994, with a gross tonnage of 44 tonnes. It is equipped with a single pentagonal propeller and has a length of 21 meters, width of 5.5 meters, and depth of 2 meters. The vessel is located in Mie Prefecture, Japan, and is used to provide training to individuals interested in the fishing industry.



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