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We would like to inform you that we are one of the world leading organization to Supply & Export all kinds of 2nd hand ship’s spare parts (like:- Main and Auxiliary Engine & Spare, TURBOCHARGER,COMPRESSOR, CRANKSHAFT,Hydraulic PUMP,MOTOR,PURIFIER,PISTON,GOVERNOR,GEARBOX etc. Safety Equipments and all kinds of Navigation items (such as; SVDR, AUTO PILOT, RADER, GYROCOMPASS, GMDSS, ECHO SOUNDER, NAVTEX, VHF, etc.).

 The organization has sound reputation in this field and having Govt. Authorized license to trade over the world.

 We export these types of goods at any destination over the world and we are welcoming you to visit our product list to choose your unique product. 

Your co-operation will be highly appreciated.

We are glad to inform you that we have available For Sale Available Model VISATRON OIL MIST DETECTOR VN115 87 PLUS – Fully Service 

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The VISATRON Oil Mist Detector VN115/87 Plus is a safety device designed for monitoring and detecting oil mist in the crankcase of large marine diesel engines and other large rotating machinery. It is manufactured by Schaller Automation, a German company specializing in the development and production of oil mist detection systems and other industrial automation solutions.

The primary purpose of an oil mist detector is to prevent engine damage and potential hazards caused by the accumulation of oil mist in the engine crankcase. Oil mist can occur due to various reasons, such as excessive bearing wear, inadequate lubrication, or high operating temperatures. If left undetected, the accumulation of oil mist can lead to potentially dangerous situations, including crankcase explosions.

The VISATRON VN115/87 Plus offers several features and benefits:

  1. Early warning system: The detector provides early warning of abnormal oil mist concentrations in the crankcase, allowing operators to take preventive measures and avoid engine damage or dangerous situations.

  2. Reliable detection: The VISATRON VN115/87 Plus uses an optical measuring system to accurately detect the presence of oil mist, ensuring reliable monitoring and detection performance.

  3. Easy integration: The detector can be easily integrated with existing engine control and monitoring systems, allowing seamless operation and data communication.

  4. Robust design: The VISATRON VN115/87 Plus is designed to withstand harsh operating conditions in marine and industrial environments, ensuring reliable performance and a long service life.

  5. Compliance with safety regulations: The use of an oil mist detection system like the VISATRON VN115/87 Plus can help vessels and industrial facilities comply with safety regulations and requirements set by classification societies and other regulatory bodies.

For more information on the VISATRON Oil Mist Detector VN115/87 Plus, I recommend contacting Schaller Automation or visiting their website for product specifications, documentation, and support.


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