Wanted ! - Livestock Carriers Service 1000 - 3000 Cattle

Subject: Wanted ! - Livestock Carriers Service 1000 - 3000 Cattle

Date: 4/11/2023 6:38:18 PM

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Dear Sir,

We would like to employ the livestock carrier for 1,000 - 3,000 Cattle in weight 350 - 400 kg or 500 - 600 kg from Thailand to Vietnam. We expected 1-2 trip per month. Ship owner who interested please feel free to contact me by email

Best Regards,



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What is Livestock Carriers Service 1000 - 3000 Cattle ?

Livestock Carriers Service for 1000-3000 cattle refers to the transportation of live animals, specifically cattle, using specialized ships or trucks designed to safely carry a large number of animals. These carriers ensure the well-being and welfare of the animals throughout the journey while adhering to relevant regulations and guidelines.

Livestock carriers typically provide services for transporting cattle for various purposes, such as breeding, dairy production, or meat processing. The capacity of 1000-3000 cattle indicates the size of the carrier and the number of animals it can accommodate.

These carriers are designed to provide proper ventilation, temperature control, adequate space, and access to food and water for the animals during the transport process. In addition, they follow strict biosecurity measures to minimize the risk of disease transmission and adhere to international regulations and animal welfare standards.

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