Subject: Wanted: Main Engine Spare Parts for AKASAKA 6+UEC52LA

Date: 4/28/2023 4:10:25 PM

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Dear sir,


Good day


Pls let me know price & delivery term(time) as follow ;;


A) M/E AKASAKA 6UEC52LA, Ship648, engime no.52276, year 1999

Automatic backwashing strainer type K8FE2Y-W50/W10

1) F-4, 4-way solenoid valve  X  2 pcs

2) D-45, Position cylinder o-ring kit only X  4 set


Best  regards

Roman Li


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What is AKASAKA 6UEC52LA Main Engine ?

The AKASAKA 6UEC52LA is a main marine diesel engine produced by Akasaka Diesels Limited, a Japanese manufacturer known for its reliable and efficient marine engines. The 6UEC52LA engine is a part of Akasaka's UEC series, which are popular choices for various types of ships due to their high performance, reliability, and fuel efficiency.

Here is a breakdown of the engine's designation:

  • "6": The number of cylinders in the engine (6-cylinder engine)
  • "UEC": Stands for "United Engine Corporation," referring to the collaboration between Akasaka and the MAN Diesel & Turbo (now MAN Energy Solutions) for the development of these engines
  • "52": Indicates the bore size of the engine in centimeters (52 cm bore)
  • "LA": Denotes the specific engine model within the series

The AKASAKA 6UEC52LA main engine is designed for propulsion purposes in marine vessels, providing the necessary power to drive the ship through the water. Its fuel efficiency, performance, and reliability make it a suitable choice for various types of ships, including bulk carriers, container vessels, and tankers. Specific technical details, such as power output and operational speed, may vary depending on the exact configuration of the engine.

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