Subject: Wanted: 2000 KVA, Rated voltage: 3300 V, 50Hz Genset 2 pcs

Date: 4/23/2024 1:02:30 PM

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Dear all,

This is Sally Radman from a company one of the UN organizations authorized supplier for Engineering and Electrical projects undertaken many much of related projects. Now a days,  we have  a new gen set RFQ as per the bellow requirements:


Supply, Instillation, Commissioning and Test of GenSet,1000 R.P.M, Continuous power Rating 2000kVA, 0.8 P. F, 1600kWe ,3.3kV, 50Hz at alternator terminals, along with all components and accessories to operate Parallel between them both, and with other DG set or P.V Solar.
- The two diesel generating sets shall be designed to work in parallel.
- Heavy duty Anti vibration Pads and mountings, Common Base frame for mounting of Diesel Generator Set: Sturdy, fabricated, welded, Construction, channel iron base frame for mounting the Engine & Alternator. The DG units and its auxiliaries complete as per the enclosed Specification, international standards and manufacturer recommendation
- The DG set shall be complete in all respects. The price include all  systems and items following:
Diesel Engine:  DE units and  auxiliaries its complete,all alarm and instrumentation equipment normally provided as per the enclosed Specification, international standards and manufacturer recommendation, 
Cooling system: water-cooled with two-isolated circuit HT, LT, complete system with two cooling water pumps,pipes, fittings, radiator cooler and All accessories shall be provided to.
Fuel system:-  The work includes pipes, fittings and pumps to connected from daily tanks to engines.
Lubrication Oil system:- Lub. of the main bearings and other important moving parts shall be by forced feed system. An automatic low oil pressure cutout must be fitted, operating the stop solenoid on the engine and giving a visible and audible indication on the switchboard. Lub. Oil pump, lub. Oil duplex filters centrifugal filter, engine mounted oil cooler relubrication pump control for low level to the piping connection.The output for electric motor drive radiator, as well as the other auxiliaries should be specified.
Exhaust system:-  Heavy duty, industrial type with silencer and all necessary relevant bends, flanges, flexible joint exhaust pipes, the exhaust silencers shall be mounted vertically and supported on anti-vibration mountings carried on galvanized steel Structures, which are to be supplied by the Engine Manufacturer.
Starting system:- By air, complete system including compressors equipped with an air receiver having a total capacity sufficient to enable each engine to be started six times without re-charging. One compressor shall be driven by an auto electric motor whilst the second shall be driven by a diesel engine with manual start facilities.
Ventilation system:- The contractor and the manufacturer must choose the appropriate ventilation system in accordance with the existing generators building and the equipment required, in order to achieve the best performance.
Battery and /Charger Unit:-  Each generating unit shall be provided with a voltage source (charger unit + batteries) sufficient to supply direct current 24/48 volts with an associated alarm panel.
Auxiliary Panels Devices :-  shall provide the number of panels baord required for reliable operation of all systems (AC, DC).
Alternator:-  Three-phase A.C. synchronous Alternator for directcoupling to the diesel engine, Rated capacity:Corresponding to the output of the diesel engine at Site conditions.Continuous power Rating 2000 KVA, Rated voltage: 3300 V, 50Hz, as per Technical Specifications.
Switchgear & Control Cubicles and Desks:-  Switchgear Baord 3.3 KV, 630A. ISC 25 KA.,  Auto Synch and Load sharing for other sources, complete with SCADA / BMS ,Compatibility as per Technical Specification.
Genarator  control panels (GCP) & Control Cables :  Work includes GCP panels, all Control Cables, protection, monitoring Devices,..etc, which achieves appropriate operating, protection and monitoring conditions and technical requirements..


Hope to hear from you soon.


Best regards,

Sally Radman

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