Wanted: 3 pcs MTU 12V4000 Unused, New, Surplus Engines to use on Terex MT3700 Trucks

Subject: Wanted: 3 pcs MTU 12V4000 Unused, New, Surplus Engines to use on Terex MT3700 Trucks

Date: 1/17/2023 2:15:16 AM

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We are looking for 3 pcs MTU 12V4000 new or surplus industrial engines to use on Terex MT3700 Trucks


If anybody have it please dont hesitate to contact with us.


Best Regards

Burak Aldemir

Mobile: +90 532 698 66 21

E-mail: info@burakmarine.com

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8/18/2023 7:58:28 PM United States

 Please, quote;

MTU 12V4000   for  Terex Track


MTU 16V4000   for  Terex Track


Cummins QSK 60  for Komatsu PC4000



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What is MTU 12V4000 ?

The MTU 12V4000 is a diesel engine manufactured by MTU Onsite Energy, a subsidiary of Rolls-Royce Power Systems. The 12V4000 is part of MTU's V-series of diesel engines, which are known for their high power-to-weight ratio and reliability.

The 12V4000 is a V12 diesel engine that is capable of producing up to 4,000 horsepower (2,980 kW) and is designed for use in heavy-duty applications such as marine propulsion, power generation, and oil and gas production. The engine features advanced technologies such as electronic fuel injection and turbocharging, which help to improve efficiency and reduce emissions.

The engine is designed to meet the latest emission standards and equipped with advanced emissions control technologies such as exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) and diesel particulate filters (DPF) to reduce emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) and particulate matter (PM). It also features an advanced cooling system to ensure optimal performance and reliability in all operating conditions.

The MTU 12V4000 is widely used in marine propulsion, power generation and oil and gas production. It's a well-proven and reliable technology that is known for its durability, long service life, and low maintenance costs.


What is Terex MT3700 ?

The Terex MT3700 is a series of mining trucks manufactured by Terex Trucks, a subsidiary of Terex Corporation. The MT3700 is a large, heavy-duty haul truck that is designed for use in mining, quarrying, and other heavy-duty construction applications.

The MT3700 is available in payload capacities of up to 360 metric tonnes and features a robust, durable design that is built to withstand the demanding conditions of mining and quarrying operations. The truck is equipped with a powerful diesel engine and an advanced transmission system that provides high performance and fuel efficiency.

The MT3700 features an advanced suspension system that provides a smooth ride and helps to reduce wear and tear on the truck and its components. The truck also features an advanced braking system that provides exceptional stopping power and control, even in the most demanding conditions.

The MT3700 is designed to be easy to maintain and service, with easy access to all critical components and systems, and the cab of the truck is designed to provide a comfortable and safe working environment for the operator. With a strong reputation for quality and reliability, the Terex MT3700 is widely used in mining, quarrying, and other heavy-duty construction applications around the world.


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