Subject: Wanted: 30 MW Gas Turbine

Date: 4/2/2024 11:08:42 AM

Details: Reviews 2

Dear Official, 


Please send your best quota regarding 30 MW Gas Turbine. 

Our Project is in Afghanistan. 


We are looking forward for your response.

Best regards,

Ali Koç

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Paolo Marzari
4/11/2024 4:55:40 PM Switzerland

Here is a short list of machines that are currently available at our customers in Germany:


    Frame 3 – Dual fuel (gas/oil) with water injection for Nox reduction. 10MWel. Control Mark 4. GT has been available since approx. 01/23. Operating hours 247,000 h. The HD rotor was completely overhauled with new compressor stages, new tie rods and new turbines stage 1. Running time 11,000 hours from 2021.


    2 used Frame 3 HD runners in our warehouse


    2 x Frame 5 (from 2025) only fuel oil. 25MWel. Mach7 (S7) control approx. 20,000 hours and 9000 starts.


    Frame 5 – Double fuel with water injection for Nox reduction. 25MWel. Approximately 150,000 hours. Control Siemens S7.


    Frame 6b – 40MWel fuel oil only


    Solar Mars 100 – 15000San SoloNox. Natural gas only. APPROX. 25,000h. Complete package with generator


    2 generators for a Solar Centaur 50


    Generator for a Solar Taurus 60




If you need more details about the machines, I will send them to you.

Paolo Marzari
4/2/2024 7:40:58 PM Switzerland

Good day,

we need more info

  1. Frequency
  2. Voltage
  3. Min. XOM
  4. Max. running hours
  5. Requested brand
  6. Single cycle?

best regards



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