Subject: Wanted 9 pcs Air Winches (FA5I)

Date: 4/14/2023 3:39:52 PM

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Dear Sir / Madam 

Good day to you 

Pls send your quote for below inquiry with availability


We’re  looking for a refurbished  9 ea. Air Winches (FA5I) recent model is preferable


  • CAT IV Inspection report, and it should include a training/qualification proof for the person who done the Overhaul.
  • Valid Load Test Certificate.
  • All winches have the wire wedge , water trap , manual spooling mechanism & pressure regulators plus the below.
  • Winches are equipped with Muffler / Silencer.
  • Winches guards are new and installed.
  • Winches are painted with IR Colour code.


Appreciate your prompt reply  

If you need any assistance feel free to contact us

Thanks & Best Regards



#03-29, LINK@AMK, SINGAPORE 569139

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Jake Lorimer
7/20/2023 12:48:20 PM United Kingdom

I have 11 secondhand FA5i-24 winches in Stock, 

currently in as is condition but can be supplied refurbished, 

please contact me if you still have a requidement, 

I have various other Ingersoll Rand winches and BOP handling systems in stock, 

are you a trader or supply house,




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What is Air Winches FA5I ?

Air winches, also known as pneumatic winches, are lifting and pulling devices powered by compressed air. They are commonly used in various industries, including marine, offshore, construction, and mining, where precise control, high reliability, and safe operation are essential. The FA5I model appears to be a specific model or series of air winches, potentially from a particular manufacturer. However, without more context or information about the manufacturer, it's difficult to provide exact details about the FA5I model.

In general, air winches have several advantages over their electric or hydraulic counterparts, such as:

  1. Safety: Air winches are inherently safer for use in hazardous environments because they don't generate sparks, making them suitable for operations in explosive or flammable atmospheres.
  2. Precise control: Pneumatic winches provide precise control over speed and load handling, which can be critical for certain applications.
  3. High reliability: Air winches are known for their durability and low maintenance requirements, as they have fewer moving parts compared to electric or hydraulic winches.
  4. Resistance to harsh environments: Pneumatic winches are well-suited for use in harsh environments, such as extreme temperatures, wet or corrosive conditions, or high levels of dust.
  5. Load capacity: Air winches are available in various capacities, ranging from small units for light-duty applications to large, heavy-duty models for lifting and pulling heavy loads.

An FA5I air winch would likely share these general characteristics and advantages. Depending on the manufacturer and specific model, it might also include additional features, such as variable speed control, automatic braking systems, or remote control capabilities.

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