Subject: Wanted: ALFA LAVAL AQUA-125-HWS Feeshwater Generator Spare Parts

Date: 4/12/2023 11:35:53 AM

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Dear Sir,


We’re a supplier of ship spare parts in Korea.

Could we have a quote for following spare parts?


The end user of parts is drilling vessel contractors in Brazil and a freight forwarder in Houston can arrange collection from your location.


Our Ref: 16078280


No Description Application Serial Part # Q'ty Unit
1 Terminal board Freshwater generator, AQUA-125-HWS AK 00282 39507424-03 70 EA
2 PCB Freshwater generator, AQUA-125-HWS AK 00282 39507423-03 70 EA


Delivery: EXW USA for self-collection

Final destination: Brazil


Thank you.



General Manager

Add: RPK MARINE, Hasinjungang-ro 324, Saha-gu, Busan (49407)

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4/13/2023 5:51:24 PM India

Dear sir/, Medam

  We have available sper parts and complete unit.

 Type: Alfa Laval Aqua -125-HWS

 If you want any kinds of information, please contact on WhatsApp or Email.


Ritu N.

UTS marrine LLP Bhavnagar Gujarat India




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What is ALFA LAVAL AQUA-125-HWS Feeshwater Generator ?

The Alfa Laval AQUA-125-HWS is a freshwater generator designed for marine and offshore applications. Alfa Laval is a leading Swedish company known for its expertise in heat transfer, separation, and fluid handling technologies. The AQUA-125-HWS is part of their AQUA series of freshwater generators, which are based on plate heat exchanger technology.

The AQUA-125-HWS freshwater generator uses the waste heat generated from the ship's engine cooling water or steam system to evaporate seawater and produce fresh, potable water. This process is known as "vacuum distillation," and it works by lowering the boiling point of seawater, allowing it to evaporate at a lower temperature, typically around 50-70°C (122-158°F).

Key features of the Alfa Laval AQUA-125-HWS freshwater generator include:

  1. Compact design: The AQUA-125-HWS is designed to be compact and lightweight, making it easy to install in limited spaces on ships and offshore platforms.

  2. High efficiency: The plate heat exchanger technology ensures efficient heat transfer, maximizing the use of available waste heat and minimizing energy consumption.

  3. Reliable operation: The AQUA-125-HWS is built with robust materials and components to ensure reliable operation under harsh marine conditions.

  4. Easy maintenance: The plate heat exchanger design allows for easy cleaning and maintenance, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

  5. High freshwater production capacity: The AQUA-125-HWS is capable of producing up to 125 m³ (approximately 33,000 gallons) of fresh water per day, depending on the specific configuration and operating conditions.

The Alfa Laval AQUA-125-HWS freshwater generator is an essential piece of equipment for marine and offshore applications, as it provides a reliable source of fresh water for drinking, cooking, and other onboard uses, reducing the need to carry large quantities of fresh water and lowering overall operating costs.

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