Subject: Wanted: Cat Engine C32 for a Mud Pump Package

Date: 1/23/2023 3:52:10 PM

Details: Reviews 3

Dear Gents,

we are looking  to buy a used (as-where -  it is / or refurbished ) Cat Engine C32 for a Mud Pump Package.

Engine only or with a complete power unit with radiator assm.

950 HP @1800 RPM

Tier 3 or 4

with automatic  Allison Transmission

Do you have something to offer us ?

Thank you and

With best regards, Bernd Kippermann Enserv Euroquip GmbH Heineckes Feld 14 29227 Celle / 

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Afzal Dhruj
3/21/2023 6:20:22 PM India


sir I am Afzal from india dealing in all types of marine engines and parts we have 2 engines Caterpillar C-32 in excellent condition. Low running. 

Bernd Kippermann
1/26/2023 4:31:37 PM Germany

Please send us a Quotation with all detailed technical information and pictures for a Caterpiller Engine C-32 as described before .

Khab shahb
1/26/2023 12:42:54 PM India

Hello Sir 

Have a good day 

We have available cat 32 engine

Please contact us for more details 


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The Caterpillar C32 is a diesel engine manufactured by Caterpillar Inc. It is a large, heavy-duty engine that is commonly used in a variety of industrial and power generation applications, such as in ships, power plants, and oil and gas drilling rigs.

The C32 is a V-configuration, 16-cylinder engine that has a displacement of 32.1 liters (1956 cubic inches) and a maximum power output of up to 1850 bhp (1367 KW) at 2100 RPM. It has a high-pressure common rail fuel system, four valves per cylinder, and electronic controls for enhanced performance and efficiency.

The C32 engine is designed for durability and reliability and features a high-strength, compacted graphite iron block, a high-strength aluminum alloy cylinder head, and a robust crankshaft. It is also built with a number of features to improve its performance, such as a high-performance air intake system, a high-efficiency turbocharger, and an advanced electronic control module (ECM) that manages engine functions and helps to reduce emissions.

The C32 engine is designed to meet a variety of emissions regulations, including the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Tier 4 Final emissions standards. It's also equipped with features such as the Cat® Advanced Diesel Engine Technology (ADEM™) A4 and the Cat® NOx Reduction System (NRS) to reduce emissions, increase efficiency, and improve performance.

What is Mud Pump Package ?

A mud pump package is a set of equipment used in drilling operations to circulate drilling fluid (also known as mud) through the drill string and out to the well bore. The package typically includes a mud pump, a power source (such as a diesel engine or electric motor), a control panel, and other related components.

The mud pump is the main component of the package, and is responsible for moving the drilling fluid through the system. Mud pumps are typically either triplex or quintuplex pumps, which refer to the number of plungers or pistons that are used to pump the fluid. Triplex pumps have three plungers, while quintuplex pumps have five. These pumps are designed to handle high-pressure and high-volume fluid flow and can be used for drilling in different types of formations.

The power source for the mud pump can be either an electric motor or a diesel engine, depending on the application and location. The control panel is used to monitor and control the pump's performance and is typically equipped with gauges and switches that allow the operator to monitor the pressure, flow rate, and other parameters.

Other components of a mud pump package can include a discharge manifold, suction hose, and a fluid end. The fluid end is the part of the pump where the fluid is sucked in and discharged, and it is typically made of a hard metal alloy to resist wear and tear.

Overall, a mud pump package is a critical component in drilling operations, as it is responsible for circulating the drilling fluid, which helps to cool and lubricate the drill bit, remove cuttings from the well bore, and stabilize the well.


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