Subject: wanted: CAT G3520 C

Date: 17.2.2017 16:58:21

Details: Reviews 2

We are looking for 3 x complete industrial gas engines (gensets) CAT G3520C.

Our preferences for engine:
              Voltage of generator 6300 V;

Together with price offer we expect to receive following necessary
--scope of supply (pls list the item included: turbocharger, heat exchanger, TEM control system and so on) --operating hours, year of manufacturing, year of start and stop --serial numbers of engine and generator (or/and photos) --date and type of last overhauling?
--location (where is it now and is it possible to come for inspection)

Looking forward for your price offer if everything available.


Best regards,
Tatiana Lugovtsova

SIA"Motors & Transmissions"
Lubanas str.51
Riga, Latvia,

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Robert Smelcer
17.3.2017 01:39:07 United States

Hello to whom it may concern,

Wanted to reach out and check if you are still sourcing the CAT G3520 C for 3 each.

If you are, Texla can help therefore contact me at the below contact information,

Thank you,

Robert Smelcer

Managing Member / Engineer

Texla Energy Partners

PH> 509-599-2362

Email> Reply

Rashmikant Shah
1.3.2017 14:38:21 India

Madam, Would you go for two 3520 sets manufactured in 2005 and having 415 volt out put ? I will furbish more details and photos if you are interested. Thanks.


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