Subject: Wanted: COBRA Gas Turbine 1.8 mw 50Hz

Date: 2/10/2023 11:27:02 PM

Details: Reviews 0

Dear Sir, Can you offer COBRA Turbines 1.8 mw @ 50 Hz. Low hours or new. Run on very low gas BTU. 


Roger Bell
Well Control / Drilling Engineer
Oil Industry Solutions UK 

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What is COBRA Gas Turbine ?

The COBRA Gas Turbine is likely a reference to a type of gas turbine engine manufactured by a company with the name COBRA or as a specific model name.

Gas turbines are a type of internal combustion engine that use compressed air and fuel to generate power. They are commonly used in power generation, aviation, and industrial applications due to their high power output and efficiency.

The COBRA Gas Turbine is likely a high-performance gas turbine engine designed for use in a variety of applications. The exact specifications and details of the COBRA Gas Turbine will depend on the specific model and configuration.

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