Wanted: Container Vessel ABOUT 18,000 TEU, Built AROUND 2010

Subject: Wanted: Container Vessel ABOUT 18,000 TEU, Built AROUND 2010

Date: 2/8/2023 10:10:58 AM

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Dear SnP Friends!


Good day,


We have Buyers who are looking for container carriers as below requirements:


  • ABOUT 18,000 TEU;
  • Built AROUND 2010 in any YARD;


Please to propose the candidates together price guidance,


Many thanks!!!


Best Regards,

Quang.PT (Mr. Bright)


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Vlad Poteshin
2/16/2023 8:39:41 AM Russian Federation

Greetings sir/madam, 


Hope this note finds you in good health. 

We have reputable seller in Russia that can furnish your Container Vessel ABOUT 18,000 TEU, Built AROUND 2010 request. 

If this offer is still valid, kindly get in touch with us either through email or WhatsApp as specified.

Designation: Direct personnel to the seller.


Anticipating your feedback.


Kind regards 



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What is Container Vessel ABOUT 18,000 TEU ?

A container vessel with about 18,000 TEU (Twenty-Foot Equivalent Unit) is one of the largest types of container ships currently in operation. TEU is a standard measurement used to describe the carrying capacity of a container ship, where each TEU represents a single 20-foot shipping container.

An 18,000 TEU container vessel is typically around 400 meters in length and 59 meters in width, with a draft (depth in the water) of around 16 meters. These massive ships are capable of carrying up to 18,000 TEUs of cargo, which is typically distributed across multiple levels or decks within the ship.

These container ships are designed to be extremely efficient, with advanced technology and engineering to help reduce fuel consumption and emissions. They are often used for long-haul routes between major ports, such as those connecting Asia and Europe or the United States.

Due to their size and capacity, these container vessels play a critical role in the global shipping industry, enabling the transportation of massive quantities of goods and products between countries and regions.


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