Subject: Wanted: Cummins KTA50-D(M1) and Yanmar 6N21AL-GV Spare Parts

Date: 5/7/2024 5:01:12 PM

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Dear all,


We are looking for;


NoMaterial codeName of goodsP/NSpecificationsManufactureUnitQuantity
Group 1 - Spare parts of diesel Yanmar 6N2IAL-GV VALVE - 147673-11110For Diesel engine YANMAR 6N21AL-GVYanmarPcs3  VALVE - 147673-11100For Diesel engine YANMAR 6N2IAL-GVYanmarPcs2
300.091.001.00191SEAT, SUC . VALVE - 147674-11081For Diesel engine YANMAR 6N21AL-GVYanmarPcs4
400.091.001.00192Valve seat, exhaust. - 147673-11090For Diesel engine YANMAR 6N2lAL-GVYanmarPcs4
500.091.001.00193O-Ring. P/N: 141616-11061 -   41616-11061For  Diesel engine Yanmar 6N2IAL-GVYanmarPcs24
600.091.001.00194O-Ring (Exh. V.Seat) - 146673-118 l0For Diesel engine YANMnR 6N2IAL-GVYanmarPcs24
700.091.001.00196SEAL,VALVE STEM SUCTION - 146673-11650For Diesel engine YANMAR 6N2l AL-GVYarunarPcs12
800.091.001.00197SEAL,VALVE STEM EXHAUST -
Ph?t xupap x?, P/N: 141616-11751
- 141616-11751For Diesel engine YANMAR 6N2IAL-GVYanmarPcs12
900.091.001.00198COTTER,(SYSTEM) SET - 27310-140000For Diesel engine Yanmar 6N21AL-GVYanmarPcs22
1000.091.001.00199Spring valve (A) outside - 145610-11121For Diesel engine YANMAR 6N2lAL-GVYanmarPcs6
1100.091.001.00200Spring valve (B) inside - 145610-11131For Diesel engine YANMAR 6N2IAL-GVYanmarPcs6
1200.091.001.00053Rotator 14x56, valve -   7320-140560For Diesel engine YANMAR 6N21AL-GVYanmarPcs6
1300.091.001.00183O-RING, 4DP21.0- 24316-000210For Diesel engine YANMAR 6N2l AL-GVYanmarPcs48
1400.091.001.00184O-Ring 4D P24.0- 24316-000240For Diesel engine YANMAR 6N2lAL-GVYanmarPcs48
1500.091.001.00185O-Ring. P/N: 152633-01810 152633-01810For diesel engine Yanmar  6N2lAL-GVYarunarPcs12
1600.091.001.00186O-Ring (IA) P9. P/N: 243 l 1-000090 24311-000090For diesel engine Yanmar 6N21AL-GVYanmarPcs12
1700.091.001.00187O-Ring (IA) P35. P/N: 24316-000350- 24316-000350For diesel engine Yanmar 6N21AL-GVYanmarPcs12
1800.091.001.00392V-ring, heat inlet; P/N 147673-12312 147673-12312For diesel engine Yanmar 6N2IAL-GVYanmarPcs10
1900.091.001.00201Sleeve, nozzle. P/N: 147673-11860 - 147673-11860For diesel engine Yanmar 6N2l AL-GVYanmarPcs2
2000.091.001.00202O-Ring (4D) G40. P/N: 24326-000400 - 24326-000400For diesel engine Yanmar 6N21AL-GVYanmarPcs24
2100.091.001.00203OLDCODE Gasket. P/N: 146673- 11870 - 146673-11870For diesel engine Yanmar 6N2IAL-GVYanmarPcs6
2200.091.001.00233Nozzle packing. P/N: 137600-53091-  137600-53091For diesel engine Yanmar 6N21AL-GVYanmarPcs6
2300.091.001.00375Packing P/N 147676-01581- 147676-01581For diesel engine Yanmar 6N21AL-GVYanmarPcs1
2400.091.001.00376Packing P/N 147676-01480 147676-01480For diesel engine Yanmar 6N2J AL-GVYanmarPcs1
2500.091.001.00120GASKET, SIDE COVER  P/N: 147673-01410- 147673-01410For Diesel engine YANMAR 6N2l AL-GVYanmaPcs12
2600.091.001.00393Rubber ring, upper; P/N 147673- 01320 - 147673-01320For diesel engine Yanmar 6N21AL-GVYanmaPcs6
2700.091.001.00394Rubber ring, lower; P/N 147673- 01330- 147673-01330For diesel engine Yanmar 6N2l AL-GVYanmarPcs6
2800.091.001.00260GASKET, CYL. HEAD - 147644-01350For Diesel engine YANMAR 6N2IAL-GVYanmarPcs12
2900.091.001.00395Anti polising ring; P/N 147673-01130- 147673-01130For diesel engine Yanmar 6N2IAL-GVYanmarPcs2
3000.091.001.00377Gasket, header  P/N 147673-18630 -- 147673-18630For diesel engine Yanmar 6N2l AL-GVYanmarPcs2
3100.091.001.00378Gasket, header P/N 147673-18640 - 147673-18640For diesel engine Yanmar 6N2l AL-GVYanmarPcs3
3200.091.001.00212GASKET- 146673-18821For Diesel engine YANMAR 6N21AL-GVYanmarPcs1
3300.091.001.00211GASKET 146678-18890For Diesel engine YANMAR 6N21AL-GVYanmarPcs1
3400.091.001.00399Gasket, air cooler outlet; PfN 147673- 18740 - 147673-18740For diesel engine Yanmar 6N2l AL-GVYanmarPcs2
3500.091.001.00209OLDCODE V-Ring, blower oulet. P/N: 147673-18221 - 147673-18221For diesel engine Yanmar 6N2l AL-GVYanmarPcs1
3600.091.001.00210O-Ring (4D) P46. P/N: 24316-000460- 24316-000460For diesel engine Yanmar 6N21AL-GVYanmarPcs1
3700.091.001.00361 O-ring (1A) P9  P/N O-ring (4D) P24; P/N 24316-000240 -- 24316-000240For diesel engine Yanmar 6N21AL-GVYammarPcs2
3800.091.001.00213RING NO. l, PISTON - 147676-22130For diesel engine Yanmar 6N21AL-GVYanmarPcs6
3900.091.001.00214RING NO.2,PISTON - 147673-22110For diesel engine Yanmar 6N21AL-GVYanmarPcs6
4000.091.001.00215RING NO 3,PISTON - 147673-22150For diesel engine Yanmar 6N21AL-GVYanmarPcs6
4100.091.001.00416Oil ring assy 147673-22120 - 147673-22120For diesel engine Yanmar 6N21AL-GVYanmarset6
4200.091.00 1.00220BEARING, CRANK PIN P/N: 147673-23350- 147673-23350For diesel engine Yanmar 6N21AL-GVYaninarPcs2
4300.091.001.00131Packing 147673-35530For diesel engine Yanmar 6N21AL-GVYanmarPcs2
4400.091.001.00132Packing - 147673-35540For Diesel engine YANMAR 6N21AL-GVYanmarPcs2
4500.091.001.00134Packing- 147673-35550For Diesel engine YANMAR 6N21AL-GVYanmarPcs2
4600.091.001.00135SEAL, OIL TC355511 - 24421-355511For Diesel engine YANMAR 6N21AL-GVYanmarPcs2
4700.091.001.00379Gasket P/N 147673-42300 -- 147673-42300For diesel engine Yanmar 6N21AL-GVYanmarPcs1
4800.091.001.00417Isobaric valve assy; P/N 146673-51300 -  l46673-51300For diesel engine Yanmar 6N2l AL-GVYanmarset2
4900.091.001.00230O-Ring P42. P/N: 146673-53900- 146673-53900For diesel engine Yanmar 6N2lAL-GVYanmarPcs6
5000.091.001.00369 oring- P/N 151673-51380 -- 151673-51380Por diesel engine Yanmar 6N21AL-GVYammarPcs6
5100.091.001.00232O-Ring.- 128633-11880For Diesel engine YANMAR 6N2IAL-GVYaninarPcs6
5200.091.001.00419Overhaul kit. Model 45M. P/N:45-007- -45-007For diesel engine Yanmar 6N2lAL-GVYanmarset1
5300.091.001.00421 Cover,LO Coo1er(in1et side)- P/N  147673-33260- 147673-33260For Diesel engine YANMAR 6N21AL-GVYanmarPcs1
5400.091.001.00122OLDCODE O-Ring (1A) G200 - O- Ring (1A) G200 Part No. 24321- 002000- 24321-002000For Diesel engine YANMAR 6N2IAL-GVYanmarPcs10
5500.079.011.00618  P/N 158510-61030 - Oil seal of governos NZ type  158510-61030For Diesel engine YANMAR 6N2IAL-GVYanmarPcs2
5600.091.001.00422 Oil seal P/N 158510-61380
- 158510-61380For Diesel engine YANMAR 6N2IAL-GVYanmarPcs4
5700.091.001.00424Ball bearing  6005 P/N  24101- 60054 - 24101-60054For Diesel engine YANMAR 6N2l AL-GVYanmarPcs4
Group II: Spare parts of diesel Cummins  KTA50- D(MI) 
5800.079.011.00347KTA50-D(MI); LINER KIT ( STANDARD) P/N 3007525 --3007525For diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(MI)Cummins Kit16
5900.079.041.00084SEAL, O RING 3014668(CU-
- 3014668for  diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(MI)Cummins Pcs16
6000.079.041.00072SEAL, O RING CU-301107600 -
 P/N: 3011076
-3011076For diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(MI)Cummins Pcs16
6100.079.041.00082SEAL OIL CU-308148900(3081489)-3081489For diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(MI)Cummins Pcs16
6200.079.011.00592 Liner Insert PN 3011884 -3011884F•or diesel engìne Cummins KTA50-D(MI)Cummins Pcs16
6300.079.011.00344KTA50-D(M1); Main Bearing (Lower half) P/N 206590 --206590For diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(MI)Cummins Pcs1
6400.079.011.00343KTA50-D(M1);  Main Bearing (Upper half) P/N 206580 --206580For diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(MI)Cummins Pcs1
6500.079.011.00345KTA50-D(M1);Main Bearing (Upper half) P/N 206600 --206600For diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(MI)Cummins Pcs1
6600.079.011.00346KTA50-D(M1) Main Bearing (Lower half)- P/N   206610 --206610For diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(MI)Cummins Pcs1
6700.079.011.00335Piston Ring Set; P/8N 4955976 4955976For diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(MI)Cummins Pcs16
6800.079.011.00337KTA50-D(M1);  Connecting Rod Bearing (Standard); P/N 3047390 -3047390For diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(Ml)Cummins Pcs18
6900.079.011.00353KTA50-D(M1);  Exhaust Valve P/N 3803528 --3803528For diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(MI)Cummins Pcs3
7000.079.011.00354KTA50-D(M1); Valve Insert   P/N 3086192-3086192For diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(MI)Cummins Pcs4
7100.079.011.00355KTA50-D(M1);  Valve Insert  P/N 3086193-3086193For diesel etigine Cummins KTA50-D(MI)Cummins Pcs4
7200.079.011.00356KTA50-D(M1); Valve Spring P/N 3633840 --3633840For diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(M1)Cummins Pcs8
7300.079.011.00357KTA50-D(M1);Valve Rotator   P/N 3640315 --3640315For diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(M1)Cummins Pcs4
7400.079.011.00359KTA50-D(M1);Cylinder Head Gasket PfN 3634664 --3634664For diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(Ml)Cummins Pcs16
7500.079.011.00362KTA50-D(M1);  Valve Crosshead P/N 3086362 --3086362For diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(Ml)Cummins Pcs2
7600.079.011.00352KTAS0-D(M1); Intake Valve   P/N 3803518 --3803518For diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(M1)Cummins Pcs4
P/N 3630839 -
-3630839For diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(MI)Cummins Pcs16
7800.079.011.00366KTA50-D(M1);  ROCKER LEVER COVER GASKET P/N 4920076 --4920076For diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(MI)Cummins Pcs16
7900.079.011.00382KTA50-D(M1); Oring seal P/N 3084539 --3084539For diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(M1)Cummins Pcs16
8000.079.011.00383KTA50-D(M 1); Oring seal P/N 3036666 --3036666For diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(MI)Cummins Pcs16
8100.079.011.00387KTA50-D(M1); Oring seal   P/N 3630740 --3630740For diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(MI)Cummins Pcs4
8200.079.011.00389KTA50-D(M1);  Hose Clamp 1 9/16 - 2 1/2 in; P/N 43828C -- 43828CFor diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(MI)Cummins Pcs4
8300.079.011.00394 KTA50-D(M1);  Cover Plate Gasket - P/N: 3627938-3627938For diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(M1)Cummins Pcs4
8400.079.011.00397KTA50-D(M1);  Connection Gasket- --3000632For diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(MI)Cummins Pcs2
8500.079.011.00398KTA50-D(M1);  Rectangular Ring Seal P/N 3026392 --3026392For diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(M1)Cummins Pcs1
8600.079.011.00399KTA50-D(M1);   Rectangular Ring Sea P/N 3031544 -3031544For diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(M l)Cummins Pcs1
8700.079.011.00400KTA50-D(M1);  O RING SEAL P/N 68910 --68910For diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(MI)Cummins Pcs5
8800.079.011.00401KTA50-D(M1);  O RING SEAL P/N 3026393 --3026393For diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(M1)Cummins Pcs5
8900.079.011.00402KTA50-D(M 1);  O RING SEAL P/N   212161 -212161For diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(M1)Cummins Pcs16
9000.079.011.00403KTA50-D(M1); Lubricating oil cooler cover gasket P/N 3630969 -3630969For diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(Ml)Cummins Pcs8
9100.079.011.00564KTA50-D(M1); Air Cleaner Element P/N 4924947 AF4553M3- 4924947 / AF4553M3For diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(Ml)Cummins Pcs2
9200.079.011.00408KTA50-D(M1); Cover Plate Gasket - P/N: 3015029-3015029For diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(M 1)Cummins Pcs2
9300.079.011.00409KTA50-D(M1);  Lubricating oil cooler cover gasket- - P/N: 3629141-3629141For diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(M1)Cummins Pcs2
9400.079.011.00420KTA50-D(M1);Turbocharger gasket P/N 3966347 --3966347For diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(M1)Cummins Pcs1
9500.079.011.00421KTA50-D(M1); Connection gasket P/N 201048 --201048For diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(M1)Cummins Pcs2
9600.079.011.00422KTA50-D(M1); Oring seal P/N 3023066 --3023066For diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(M1)Cummins Pcs2
9700.079.011.00424KTA50-D(M1); Seal, split ring- P/N 3523412 --352J412For diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(M1)Cummins Pcs2
9800.079.011.00425KTA50-D(M 1);  Seal, split ring P/N 3521442 --3521442For diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(M1)Cummins Pcs2
9900.079.011.00427KTA50-D(M1) rectangular ring seal  P/N 3502449 --3502449For diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(M1)Cummins Pcs2
10000.079.011.00433KTA50-D(M1); Oring seal P/N 131026 --131026For diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(M1)Cummins Pcs8
10100.079.011.00434KTA50-D(M1); Oring seal P/N 3001340 --3001340For diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(M1)Cummins Pcs32
10200.079.011.00435KTA50-D(M1);  Oring seal P/N 3922794 --3922794For diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(M1)Cummins Pcs4
10300.079.011.00436KTA50-D(M1);  Oring seal P/N 3036666 --3036666For diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(M1)Cummins Pcs4
10400.079.011.00437KTA50-D(M 1);  Oring seal P/N 3037236 --3037236For diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(M1)Cummins Pcs4
10500.079.011.00440KTA50-D(M1);  Seal
femiley P/N 3002150 -
-3002150For diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(M1)Cummins Pcs12
10600.079.011.00451KTA50-D(M1); Ball Bearing P/N S16052 --S16052For diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(M1)CumminsPcs2
10700.079.011.00452KTA50-D(M1); Retaining Ring P/N 212604 --212604For diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(Ml)CumminsPcs2
10800.079.011.00453KTA50-D(M1); Oil Seal; P/N 3062676 --3062676For diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(MI) Pcs2
10900.079.011.00454KTA50-D(M1); Fuel Pump Gasket- P/N 3069103 --3069103For diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(Ml)CumminsPcs2
11000.079.011.00455KTA50-D(M1); Fuel Pump Gasket P/N 3063052 --3063052For diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(Ml)CumminsPcs2; Fuel Pump Gasket-
 P/N 3069103 -
-3069103For diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(MI)CumminsPcs2
11200.079.011.00461KTA50-D(M1); Gasket, Ace drive support- P/N 3046852 --3046852For diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(M1)CummmsPcs2
11300.079.011.00462KTA50-D(M l); FueI Pump Gasket P/N 110855 --110855For diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(MI)CumminsPcs2
11400.079.011.00463KTA50-D(M1); Fuel Pump Gasket-   P/N 3026163 -3026163For diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(M1)CumminsPcs2
11500.079.011.00465KTA50-D(M1);pressure regulator valve P/N 3050624 --3050624For diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(M1)CumminsPcs1
11600.079.011.0046gKTA50-D(M1);  O RING SEAL- P/N 131026 --131026For diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(Ml)CumminsPcs16
11700.079.011.00469KTA50-D(M1); Seal injector P/N 207244 -207244For diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(MI)CumminsPcs48
11800.079.011.00471KTA50-D(M1); Sealing washer P/N
3023095 -
-3023095For diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(M1)CumminsPcs32
11900.079.011.00474KTA50-D(M1); Injector plunger link P/N 3052233-3052233For diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(M1)CumminsPcs2
12000.079.011.00475Injector-ieuxerrop; 3609962 --3609962For diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(MI)CumminsPcs4
12100.079.011.00476KTA50-D(M l);  O RING SEAL P/N 193736 --193736For diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(M1)CumminsPcs48
12200.079.011.00479KTA50-D(M1); O RING SEAL P/N 3201585 --3201585For diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(MI)CumminsPcs4
12300.079.011.00481KTA50-D(M 1); O RING SEAL P/N 145536 --145536For diesel engine Curnmins KTA50-D(M1)CumminsPcs4
12400.079.011.00589KTA50-D(M 1); fuel filter element P/N 3313306 - / FF202- 3313306 / FF202For diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(MI)CuinminsPcs4
12500.079.011.00487KTA50-D(M1); Shut- off valve P/N 3175824 --3175824For diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(M1)CumminsPcs1
12600.079.011.00490KTA50-D(M1);  Cam follower housing gasket P/N  3040721 --3040721For diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(MI)CumminsPcs16
12700.079.011.00491KTA50-D(M1); Cam follower socket -213559For diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(MI)CumminsPcs16
12800.079.011.00492KTA50-D(M1);  Retainirig Ring P/N 205439 --205439For diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(M l)CumminsPcs32
12900.079.011.00495KTA50-D(M1); Thermostat housing gasket  P/N 3052906 --3052906For diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(M1)CumminsPcs2
13000.079.011.00496KTA50-D(M1); Gasket , wtr trf connection  P/N 3052908 -3052908for diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(M1)CumminsPcs4
13100.079.011.00497"KTA50-D(M1); Connection Gasket--3049364For dìesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(MI)CumminsPcs2
13200.079.011.00498KTA50-D(M1); Thermostat valve P/N 3349225-3349225For diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(M1)CumminsPcs1
13300.079.011.00499KTA50-D(M1); Themostat sealy P/N 36279613627961For diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(M1)CumminsPcs5
13400.079.011.00500KTA50-D(M1);  Thermostat valve P/N 3629205 -3629205For diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(Ml)CumminsPcs1
13500.079.011.00508KTA50-D(M1); Oring seal P/N 3046201-3046201For diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(M1)CumminsPcs4
13600.079.011.00509KTA50-D(M1);  Oring seal P/N S627695-3627695For diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(M1) Pcs20
13700.079.011.00510KTA50-D(M1);  Oring seal P/N 68910-68910For dìesel engine Cummins KTA5O-D(M1)CumminsPcs30
13800.079.011.00511KTA50-D(M1);  Oring seal P/N 3175545-3175545For diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(M1) Pcs10
13900.079.011.00512KTA50-D(M1); Oring seal P/N 106143-106143For diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(M1)CumminsPcs10
14000.079.011.00513KTA50-D(M1); Oring seal P/N 3028291-3028291For diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(M1) Pcs40
14100.079.011.00514KTA50-D(M1);  Flange gasket P/N 3175517-3175517For diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(MI)CumminsPcs2
14200.079.011.00515KTA50-D(M 1); Plain Hose- P/N 60985 -60985For diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(M 1)CumminsPcs2
14300.079.011.00516KTA50-D(M1); T bulong- Clamp, T Bolt-3s, TBoas; P/N 3633972 --3633972For diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(M 1)CumminsPcs2
14400.079.011.00517KTA50-D(M1); lange gasket P/N 3050944 --3050944For diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(M1)CumminsPcs2
14500.079.011.00518"KTA50-D(M1);   Connection Gasket- - P/N: 3049368-3049368Por diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(Ml)cumminsPcs2
14600.079.011.00519KTA50-D(M1); Dust seal-Hzonnuux or  nsttmi; P/N 3058812-3058812For diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(M 1)CumminsPcs20
14700.079.011.00520KTA50-D(M1); Grommet seal P/N 3063294 --3063294For diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(M1)CumminsPcs20
14800.079.011.00523KTAStl-D(M1); Seal, aftercooler core  P/N 3627382 --3627382For diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(M1)CumminsPcs2
14900.079.011.00524KTA50-D(M l); Seal, rectangular strip P/N
-3627381For diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(M1)CumminsPcs2
15000.079.011.00532KTA50-D(M 1);
Support gasket P/N 206416 -
-206416For diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(M1)CumminsPcs2
15100.079.011.00s44KTA50-D(M1); Water pump impeller; P/N 3050453 --3050453For diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(M1)CumminsPcs1
15200.079.011.00547KTA50-D (M1), Regular hexagon nut-3897566For diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(M1)CumminsPcs12
15300.079.011.00550KTA50-D(M1);  V band Clamp P/N 3963939 --3963939For diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(M1)CumminsPcs1
15400.079.011.00551KTA50-D(M1);- V band Clamp P/N 4934223 --4954223For diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(M1)CumminsPcs1
15500.079.011.00553KTA50-D(M1); Exhaust Manifold Gasket-  P/N: 3966349-3966349For diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(M1)CumminsPcs8
15600.079.011.00556KTA50-D(M1);  V band Clamp P/N 4936174 --4936174For diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(M1)CumminsPcs1
15700.079.011.00558KTA50-D(M1);   Exhaust clamp seal- P/N  3966350 --3966350For diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(M1)CumminsPcs1
15800.079.011.00559KTA50-D(M1); O RING SEAL P/N 216187 --216187For diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(M1)CumminsPcs4
15900.079.011.00563KTA50-D(M1);Connection Gasket- - P/N: 3630742-3630742For diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(M1)CumminsPcs4
16000.079.011.00573KTA50-D(MI);Intake manifold gasket P/N 206277 --206277For diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(M1)CumminsPcs16
16100.079.011.00576"KTA50-D(M1);Connection Gasket- - P/N: 3047665-3047665For diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(M1)CumminsPcs4
16200.079.011.00577“KTA50-D(M1); Connection Gasket- - P/N: 3179028-3179028For diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(M1)CumminsPcs4
16300.079.011.00585KTA50-D(M1); Flywheel housing gasket-
 P/N 3630874 
-3630874For diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(M1)CumminsPcs1
16400.079.011.00586KTA50-D(M1); OIL SEAL (REAR) P/N 3082142 --3082142For diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(M1)CumminsPcs1
16500.149.001.00262Seal, Oil  PN:3634146 -3634146For diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(M1)CumminsPcs2
16600.149.001.00263Seal, Water Pump  P/N 3634007-3634007For diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(M1)CumminsPcs2
16700.079.011.00619Starting Motor P/N 3636817 --3636817For diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(M1)CumminsPcs1
16800.079.011.00620Cooler Core P/N 3635074 --3635074CumminsPcs2
16900.011.010.00608Cummins KTA50 P/N: 3098693 Speed Control-3098693For diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(M1)Cumminsset1
17000.079.011.00639CAM FOLLOWER
LEVER-P/N. 3039164 
-3039164For diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(M1)CumminsPcs4
17100.079.011.00636CAM FOLLOWER
LEVER  P/N: 3081413
-3081413For diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(M1)CumminsPcs4
17200.079.011.00637CAM FOLLOWER
ROLLER- P/N 3062141
-3062141For diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(M1)CumminsPcs4
17300.079.011.00638•CAM FOLLOWER
ROLLER- P/N 3016862 
-3016862For diesel engine Cummins KTA50-D(M1)CumminsPcs4
  - Goods are brand new, not manufactured before 2023     
  - Warranty   period:  Not less than 12  months   from  the  date of signing  the   document acceptance   
   - Certificate of Origin (CO) issued by Chamber of Commerce and Industry or the competent authority in Manufacturer’s /Exporter’s country for all items: Original for directly imported goods; or original/ copy certified by the importer for goods not directly imported.
  - Certificate   of    Quality   (CQ)   issued    by Yanmar/Cummins           or          authorized manufacturer  of Yanmar  / Cummins   for all items:   copy   certified    by   the   exporter, showing the origin of goods purchased fiom Yanmar, Cummins
   - Supplier warranty certificate for all items: Original     
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