Wanted: Cummins QSK60 Marine Genset or Just Diesel Engine to use on Marine Genset

Subject: Wanted: Cummins QSK60 Marine Genset or Just Diesel Engine to use on Marine Genset

Date: 6/8/2023 12:02:13 AM

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We are looking for Cummins QSK60 genset for marine application or without alternator just diesel engine to use on marine genset

Engine Spects:

2255 KVA

60 HZ

480 Volt

1800 rpm


If anybody have it please dont hesitate to contact with us.

Best Regards

Burak Aldemir

Mobile:  +90 532 698 66 21

E-mail: info@burakmarine.com


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What is Cummins QSK60 Diesel Engine ?

The Cummins QSK60 is a high-power diesel engine designed for industrial and power generation applications. Cummins Inc., a Fortune 500 corporation headquartered in Columbus, Indiana, USA, is renowned worldwide for its diesel engines.

With its V16 configuration and displacement of 60 liters (hence the name QSK60), this engine offers exceptional power density and a wide range of potential power outputs depending on its specific configuration and application. The engine is known for its high performance, reliability, and durability.

Some features of the QSK60, as of my knowledge cutoff, include:

  1. Advanced fuel system: The QSK60 uses Cummins' Quantum System technology, which includes advanced electronics for optimal control over the engine and a common-rail fuel system for improved fuel delivery and efficiency.

  2. Modular common rail fuel system: This system provides constant high injection pressure regardless of engine speed or load condition, which promotes efficient combustion and reduces emissions and noise.

  3. Robust design: The QSK60 has a heavy-duty design with a strong block and cylinder heads, which ensures durability and longevity even under strenuous operating conditions.

  4. Emission compliance: The engine uses various technologies to meet emissions standards. This can include components like Diesel Oxidation Catalysts (DOC), Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR), and Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF), depending on the specific model and regulations in its intended region of use.

  5. Cooling system: The engine has an advanced cooling system to maintain optimal operating temperature and minimize thermal stress on the engine components.

  6. Ease of maintenance: The engine is designed to be easy to maintain, with readily accessible service points and long service intervals to reduce downtime.

What is the power of Cummins QSK60 Marine Gensets ?

The Cummins QSK60 marine generator sets (gensets) are typically used for power outputs in the range of 2000 to 2700 kW, depending on the specific model and configuration.

These gensets are designed to provide reliable power for a wide range of marine applications, from commercial and military vessels to large yachts and workboats. The QSK60 engine's modular common rail fuel system helps ensure high performance and fuel efficiency under a wide range of operating conditions.

However, the exact power output can vary depending on the specific model, setup, and operating conditions. It's always best to check the most current specifications directly from Cummins or consult with a Cummins representative to ensure you're getting accurate information tailored to your specific needs and requirements.



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