Subject: Wanted: General Electric (GE) GE J85-17A Military Turbojet

Date: 2/22/2024 10:46:00 AM

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We are Looking for engine GE J85-17A Qty: 2ea, conditions ( any ) but must have a logbook and conditions to do an overhaul



Jeferson Dionisio

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What is GE J85-17A ?

The GE J85-17A is a military turbojet engine developed by General Electric (GE). It's a variant of the J85 engine series, which has been widely used in various military aircraft worldwide. The J85-17A specifically is known for its application in aircraft such as the Northrop T-38 Talon, a supersonic jet trainer used by the United States Air Force and several other air forces around the world.

The J85-17A is known for its compact size, lightweight, and reliability, making it suitable for applications where these characteristics are essential, such as in trainer aircraft. It has been in service for several decades and has undergone various upgrades and improvements over time to enhance its performance and efficiency.



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