Subject: Wanted GOVERNOR: TYPE UG8, 900-1550 RPM

Date: 5/9/2023 3:44:55 PM

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1.GOVERNOR: TYPE UG8, 900-1550 RPM                                                 1 EACH

GOVERNOR: TYPE UG8, 900-1550 RPM, Electric-Other: SERIAL #. 1939488.
Stock Item Number: 26023202
Cross Reference Info: Manufacturer (MA) - WOODWARD GOVERNOR COM.; Criticality (CR) - 1AXX; Manufacturer Part Number (M) - UG8D 8520-0129
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11/14/2023 6:03:28 PM Indonesia

Available (1 Unit) Governor UG8

attach foto

ajay chudasma
7/6/2023 8:08:00 AM India

available You contact us


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What is GOVERNOR: TYPE UG8, 900-1550 RPM  ?

The Governor Type UG8 with a 900-1550 RPM range is a mechanical-hydraulic governor designed to control the speed and output of diesel engines, gas engines, and steam turbines in a wide variety of applications. Governors are essential components of engine systems, as they help maintain the desired engine speed and stabilize the output power under varying load conditions.

The UG8 governor is manufactured by Woodward, Inc., a leading provider of control system solutions and components for the aerospace and industrial markets. The UG8 model is known for its reliability, accuracy, and versatility, making it a popular choice for a range of engine types and sizes.

Key features and benefits of the UG8 Governor include:

  1. Wide speed range: The UG8 Governor is designed to operate within a speed range of 900-1550 RPM, making it suitable for a variety of engines with different power outputs and requirements.

  2. Mechanical-hydraulic operation: The UG8 Governor uses a combination of mechanical and hydraulic components to detect and respond to changes in engine speed. This type of system is known for its accuracy and reliability.

  3. Load sharing and synchronization: The UG8 Governor can be used in multi-engine or multi-turbine installations to ensure equal load sharing and synchronization between units.

  4. Customizable settings: The governor's settings can be adjusted to meet specific engine requirements, such as speed regulation and power output control.

  5. Robust design: The UG8 Governor is designed to withstand harsh operating conditions and maintain consistent performance over time, ensuring a long service life and reduced maintenance requirements.

Overall, the UG8 Governor is an essential component for maintaining stable engine operation and performance in a wide range of industrial and marine applications.


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