Subject: Wanted: Livestock Carrier - IBS

Date: 5/10/2024 1:07:04 PM

Details: Reviews 1

Dear Sir / Madam


Wondering if you might have a vessel to suit?

Looking for:


  • Livestock Carrier
  • Looking to buy 3, but initially trying one. They have livestock farms in the Middle East and are looking to use their own vessels
  • First vessel needs to carry  up to 20,000 sheep
  • Located close to Red Sea if possible
  • IACS is not required
  • Budget around US $1.2m
  • No age restriction



Kind regards,

Mr. Jamie Braun

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Mr Lothar Rozenblad
5/15/2024 12:01:22 PM Netherlands


We are Rvr Logistics Shipping Chartering Rotterdam-Antwerpen.

We  sell cargo vessels/dry-tankers-livestock.

Brgds Mr Lothar Rozenblad



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