Subject: Wanted: MAK 601C NOZZLE ELEMENT

Date: 4/6/2023 1:26:46 PM

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Dear Sir

Kindly quote for below





K1/1 4621B


1 NOZZLE ELEMENT 1.2260-003 30 PCS


Hariprasad VP

Procurement Engineer

Embark International

TRN NO : 100433891700003

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What is MAK 6M601C//L’ORANGE Nozzle ?

The MAK 6M601C is a diesel engine produced by Caterpillar Motoren, a subsidiary of the Caterpillar Inc. This engine is part of the M 601 C series, which is used in marine applications such as commercial ships, ferries, and tugs. The MAK 6M601C is a 6-cylinder engine that is known for its reliability and efficiency.

L'Orange is a German company that specializes in manufacturing fuel injection systems for large diesel engines, primarily for marine and power generation applications. L'Orange nozzles are key components of the fuel injection system, responsible for delivering the precise amount of fuel into the combustion chamber at the correct timing.

The L'Orange nozzle for the MAK 6M601C engine is a specifically designed component to ensure optimal fuel atomization, combustion efficiency, and emission reduction. These nozzles are made with high precision and are critical for the overall performance and reliability of the engine.

The MAK 6M601C//L'ORANGE nozzle is a product manufactured by L'Orange, a German company that specializes in diesel engine technology. It is likely a fuel injection nozzle used in diesel engines. The specific model number (6M601C) and the manufacturer's branding (L'Orange) indicate that this is a unique product with specific design and performance characteristics.

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